[Robarm] Ultimate Tree Repository
I've been making maps for over 10 years now. I've done it professionally for the last 4, and reached the #1 position on Fiverr. There's not a lot of good tree repositories around, and surprisingly not many being made recently. That's why I've decided to release my personal tree repository that I use for most of the maps I do, and share it with all of you!

Even if you've never touched worldpainter, or used a schematic with worldedit, this pack is perfect to get you started on your terraforming journey. Most repositories just have trees, this one contains shrubs, rocks, fallen logs, dead trees, and trees of all sizes to make your maps come alive.



A. Tree Repository World

View each schematic in game with this world. Use command-block teleports that are provided to go to each biome immediately.

B. Schematic Folders
9 Folders of Schematics organized by biome/type:

  • Birch
  • Dark Oak
  • Jungle
  • Oak
  • Palm Trees
  • Rocks
  • Savannah
  • Spruce
  • Swamp

In the folders are the schematics organized by small to XL trees, shrubs, trunks, and rocks.

C. Worldpainter Layers
7 Worldpainter Combined Layers for each biome, and 2 layers (Palm trees/Rocks). You can use these layers immediately with no extra set-up time.

A combined layer is multiple different layers (shrubs, rocks, plants, trees etc.) combined into one. For example the 'Spruce Forest' Combined Layer includes the "Spruce Shrubs" layer, "Spruce Small" layer, "Spruce Large" layer, and the "Rocks Tuff" layer. Once you import the 'Spruce Forest' Combined Layer, all the other sub layers are imported as well as individuals you can use.

Import Instructions:

  1. Open worldpainter, navigate to your desired world.
  2. Press the + sign in Custom Layers
  3. Select "Import Custom layer(s) from file..."
  4. Choose your ".layer" file.








This is the only tree pack you'll ever need to buy. Whether you're a returning map maker or you haven't even started yet, this tree pack is perfect and will cover all your needs. I look forward to seeing what you guys make with this!

Thank you!!
~ Robarm