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3.9.5 Feb 1, 2024
Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bold, italic and some other formatting being stripped from messages on latest BungeeCord and Spigot (#383)
  • Fix some entities not being available to be added to config (#384)
  • Detect modern Velocity forwarding on older Paper versions (#385)

Full Changelog: v3.9.4...v3.9.5

3.9.4 Jan 20, 2024
Minecraft 1.20.4 Bug Fix

Bug Fixes

  • Fix error related to reset color code followed by bold, italic, etc in Spigot 1.20.4 (#378)

This Triton version requires (at least) ProtocolLib 5.2.0-SNAPSHOT

Full Changelog: v3.9.3...v3.9.4

3.9.3 Dec 18, 2023
Minecraft 1.20.4 support and other improvements

New Features

Bug Fixes

  • Properly fix scoreboard not showing on (experimental) ProtocolLib async mode (#359)
  • Remove duplicate async listener for incoming packets (#365)
  • Detect Velocity modern forwarding before showing proxy configuration warning (#367)
  • Fix chat parser throwing errors on old servers with an outdated version of the md_5 chat library (#370)

This Triton version requires (at least) ProtocolLib 5.2.0-SNAPSHOT

Full Changelog: v3.9.2...v3.9.3

3.9.2 Nov 28, 2023
Signed chat translation and various bug fixes

New Features

  • Support translating signed chat packets on MC 1.19 and above (#353) (Closes #350)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix translations being duplicated if uploaded to TWIN right after uploading to database (#352)
  • Fix ProtocolLib warning about registering config phase packets below MC 1.20.0 (#354)

Full Changelog: v3.9.1...v3.9.2

3.9.1 Nov 3, 2023
Minecraft 1.20.2 support and many bug fixes

New Features

Bug Fixes

  • Fix entity type conversion not working on server software with SRG, such as Arclight (#324)
  • Font and keybind are no longer stripped from all text on the server (#339) (fixes #226 and #323)
  • Fix error when downloading from TWIN while having added translations manually after upload (#340) (fixes #325)
  • Fix null pointer exception when refreshing all players (#341) (fixes #326)
  • Fix error when MinecraftEncoder is not present in the netty pipeline on BungeeCord (#342) (fixes #289)

This release requires ProtocolLib 5.1.1!
As of 2023-11-03, that version of ProtocolLib is only available as a dev build.

Full Changelog: v3.9.0...v3.9.1

3.9.0 Jun 19, 2023
Minecraft 1.20 Support

New Features

  • Minecraft 1.20 Support

This release requires ProtocolLib 5.1.0!
As of 2023-06-19, that version of ProtocolLib is only available as a dev build.

Full Changelog: v3.8.5...v3.9.0

3.8.5 May 21, 2023
Various bug fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Fix NBT item translation showing json on 1.12 and below (#301)
  • Fix TAB not being translated on 1.19 (#303)
  • Fix actionbars being sent from proxy to 1.10 and older clients without color (#305) (fixes #297)

Full Changelog: v3.8.4...v3.8.5

3.8.4 Apr 28, 2023
Critical security vulnerability fix and MC 1.19.4 support

A serious security vulnerability, tracked by CVE-2023-30859, has been fixed in this version.
All servers are urged to upgrade. Full advisory details will be published to the public 48h after the fixes are published.

Bug Fixes

  • Gracefully handle missing IP address when translating MOTD on Spigot (#282) (fixes #265)
  • Fix Spigot MOTD not being translated on 1.19.4 (#294) (fixes #292)
  • Handle scoreboard in main thread instead (#299) (fixes #296)
  • Fallback to legacy text if unable to translate JSON on item NBT data (fixes #249)

Other Changes

  • Update flag banner creator instructions with new link (#283) (fixes #281)

Full Changelog: v3.8.3...v3.8.4

3.8.3 Dec 31, 2022
Minecraft 1.19.3 support and Bug Fixes


  • Add support for MC 1.19.3 (#267)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix window titles not supporting RGB (fixes #225)
  • Remove hardcoded TWIN url from message (#261)
  • Fix translated signs losing extra NBT attributes on refresh (#272) (fixes #269)

Full Changelog: v3.8.2...v3.8.3

3.8.2 Aug 28, 2022
Minor Enhancements and Bug Fixes


  • Add support for 1.19.2 Chat Preview (closes #219)
  • Add version check for ProtocolLib (closes #229)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix data race while clearing expired entries on IpCache (fixes #215)
  • Fix command suggestion incorrectly including "twin" (fixes #227)
  • Fix tab completion not working on BungeeCord (fixes #216)

Full Changelog: v3.8.1...v3.8.2

3.8.1 Jul 27, 2022
Bug Fixes and Minecraft 1.19.1 support

This release requires ProtocolLib build 579 or newer!

The experimental ProtocolLib async mode should be a bit more stable now.

Bug Fixes

  • Avoid handling kick and entity packets asynchronously (#210)
  • Properly parse item NBT data on Hover Events on MC 1.15 and older (#211)
  • Change ProtocolLib async thread name to avoid spamming the log
  • Fix compatibility issues with ProtocolLib build 579
  • Fix chat packets throwing exceptions on Minecraft 1.19.1

Full Changelog: v3.8.0...v3.8.1

3.8.0 Jun 26, 2022
Minecraft 1.19 Support

New Features

  • Add support for Minecraft 1.19 (#196)
  • Add support to translate items in item frames (fixes #201) (#204)
  • Add support to translate items inside hover actions (fixes #202)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix config auto-refresh task being incorrectly scheduled on Velocity (fixes #203)
  • Fix URL regex not matching TLDs with 5 or more chars
  • Fix deserialization of collection files without metadata field throwing an error on proxies

Under the Hood Changes

  • Refactor of entity packet listeners for better readability and documentation
  • Add new Localized class to API that represents anything that has a language/locale

Full Changelog: v3.7.4...v3.8.0

3.7.4 Jun 13, 2022
Bug Fixes and Better Debugging

Bug Fixes

  1. Gracefully handle null components when removing invalid links (fixes #186)
  2. Fix nested placeholders not being able to use [minimsg] modifiers
  3. Fix RGB colors not working on Spigot MOTDs
  4. Fix incorrect regex filtering out valid links
  5. Fix PAPI placeholders not being translated on legacy text translations (fixes #197)

Under the Hood Changes

  1. Better handling and distribution of log levels. Triton now follows the convention of TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARNING and SEVERE for log levels
  2. Add a new /triton loglevel command to see and set the log level without changing the config

Config Changes

  1. config.yml has been changed. Check out the diff for full changes
  2. messages.yml has been changed. Check out the diff for full changes

For those wondering about 1.19 support, that's already in the works and there is a beta version available in the Discord server right now. The main bottleneck at the moment is ProtocolLib, which is not stable enough to be used in 1.19 yet.

3.7.3 Apr 3, 2022
Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bungeecord: true on Triton's config on proxies affecting behaviour
  • Fix plugin on Velocity generating Spigot's config file (fixes #181)
  • Fix Velocity being treated as Spigot in some parts of the plugin
  • Fix error related to the new fallback languages list (fixes #176)
  • Fix edge case formatting error on chat formatter
  • Fix TWIN downloader not being able to apply edits to translations on Spigot 1.8
  • Fix error when importing translation with null entry for a certain language
  • Fix error sometimes on executing commands for languages on BungeeCord on player join (fixes #177)

Full Changelogv3.7.2...v3.7.3

3.7.2 Mar 17, 2022
Suport for MC 1.18.2


  • Support for Spigot/Paper 1.18.2

Full Changelogv3.7.1...v3.7.2

3.7.1 Feb 24, 2022
Bug fixes and QoL improvements for first time users


  • The translations folder containing a sample translation and collection (default.json) is now created when the plugin is first ran.
  • Improve reliability of advancements translation (especially refreshing). Add new option to toggle refreshing of advancements since it's experimental.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix plugin load on MC versions prior to 1.16.
  • Downgrade HikariCP to v4.0.3 to support Java 8 (fixes #170)
  • Fix item translation not working on older versions of Minecraft (fixes #171)
  • Fix error when translating MOTDs on Spigot (fixes #172)
  • Fix minimessage support not working

Config changes

Full Changelogv3.7.0...v3.7.1

3.7.0 Feb 20, 2022
Async ProtocolLib, Multiple Fallback Languages and much more!
New Features
  • Avoid triggering language refresh unnecessarily in some situations
  • Various reliability enhancements, which should result in less errors
  • Suggest using `/triton <subcommand>` when user incorrectly uses `/twin <subcommand>`
  • Handle Adventure components on tab header/footer packet on PaperMC
  • Upgrade dependencies
Bug Fixes
  • Correctly represent RGB colors on actionbars for 1.16+ (fixes #155)
  • Fix player inventory detection on 1.18
  • Fix line break not working correctly on server ping player list
  • Correctly fallback to local storage if MySQL storage fails (fixes #163)
Config changes

3.6.0 Dec 18, 2021
Minecraft 1.18 support
This version adds support for Minecraft 1.18.

3.5.4 Sep 20, 2021
Relative PlaceholderAPI support
New Features:
  1. Add relative PlaceholderAPI support (e.g. %rel_triton_test.key%), which get translated to the language of the second player.

Bug Fixes:
  1. Fix subtitle packet not working for proxy plugins on 1.17.

3.5.3 Aug 27, 2021
Remove leftover debug code
This version removes some leftover debug code on Triton v3.5.2.

3.5.2 Aug 27, 2021
[3.5.2] Bug Fixes
  1. MiniMessage support added in v3.5.1 now only works on PaperMC (or a fork).

Bug Fixes:
  1. Fix some chat placeholders not being detected when using PaperMC (or a fork) while on Triton v3.5.1.

3.5.1 Aug 24, 2021
Include MiniMessage support code
Yeah, I forgot to include the code for MiniMessage support on 3.5.0. It's here now.

3.5.0 Aug 24, 2021
MiniMessage support. Various QoL improvements. Bug Fixes
New Features:
  1. [New Config Option] You can now configure the maximum amount of Triton placeholders in a single message (previously 10).
  2. [Updated messages.yml] Show arguments in the default 404 message.
  3. Add mini message support to translation content (check the docs). Thanks @VQ9!

  1. Correctly parse spaces on translation keys in the /triton sign set command.
  2. Error stack traces are not hidden between higher log-levels anymore and are always shown.

Bug Fixes:
  1. Fix grammar issues on config comments.
  2. Fix merchant recipes GUI translation throwing errors on 1.17.
  3. Fix NullPointerException when a fake player entity is created.
  4. Fix NullPointerException when an entity metadata packer is sent without changes.
  5. Fix NullPointerException when the proxy sends translations to Spigot servers due to a null location list on sign groups.
  6. Fix chat colors from translated messages not working on 1.16+ console.
  7. Fix console translation not injecting on newer Paper 1.17 builds.

You can find the changes to config.yml and messages.yml on GitHub.

3.4.3 Jul 27, 2021
Bug Fix
Fix an exception related to the entity destroy packet on 1.16 and before

3.4.2 Jul 12, 2021
Bug Fixes
Bug Fixes:
- Fix an error with Entity Destroy Packet on 1.17.1
- Fix some actionbars not being translated on 1.17 due to new packet

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