3.1.7 6 days ago
Bug Fixes
Fixed merchant window not reflecting special (discounted) prices when item translation was enabled

3.1.6 Nov 18, 2020
Bug Fixes
This version ships with a few bug fixes:
  1. The config.yml file is now always read in UTF-8, not following your system preferences like before.
  2. /triton sign will not throw an error anymore when certain sign groups aren't properly configured.
  3. The chat parser will now correctly parse some nested placeholders that weren't correctly coloured before (#122).

3.1.5 Oct 26, 2020
Bug Fixes
The following issues were fixed in this version:
  1. Messages during BungeeCord handshake and pre-login stages are now translated
  2. Middle-click on blocks while translating inventory items on PaperSpigot now also works (#121)

3.1.4 Oct 2, 2020
Bug Fixes
Fix a bug where some messages weren't being translated on BungeeCord join kick

3.1.3 Sep 29, 2020
Bug Fixes
This is a quick patch to the 3.1.2 version that was released a few hours ago:
  1. Removed debugging code that accidentally made it through production
  2. Changed the default collection of the 'content' and 'patterns' columns in the translations MySQL table

3.1.2 Sep 29, 2020
Hover MOTD & Bug Fixes
New features:
  1. It is now possible to translate placeholders in the Hover MOTD! (Hovering the player count in the server list menu)
  2. Kick messages on BungeeCord fired in the PreLoginEvent are now translated (#119)

Bug Fixes:
  1. Fix some characters not being correctly saved into the database
  2. Suppress SLF4J startup warning (#117)

3.1.1 Sep 20, 2020
Multi line lores & bug fixes
New features:
  1. You can now have multiple lines in translations (using '\n' on JSON files, or by pressing <Enter> on TWIN), which will be displayed as separate lines in item lores

Bugs fixed in this version:
  1. Prevent various errors on console on language change, both on BungeeCord and Spigot (#118)
  2. Fix error on MySQL table creation when using a custom table prefix
  3. When an error happens during storage save while downloading from TWIN, it now displays an error message instead of a success message
  4. Removed unused 'failed-file-update' message from messages.yml

The messages.yml file has changed in this version.

3.1.0 Aug 26, 2020
Community requested features
This version includes loads of features requested by you, the community!
The config has changed in this version.

New features:
  1. You can now override Triton's own language selector easily! Run any command instead of Triton opening the selector (e.g. open a DeluxeMenus menu) - Documentation - by @mituishere
  2. Upload only some collections or languages to TWIN (#85) - Documentation - by @alexlazarev
  3. Add options to change HikariCP parameters (#113) - Documentation - by @Colalan
  4. Add support to insert JSON from Triton placeholders (#88) - Documentation - by @tyuop007

Bug fixes:
  1. Update valid URL regex due to false negatives (#114)
  2. Fix some tab items not being parsed on BungeeCord (#115)
  3. Fix pattern translation on working on hover components
  4. Improve logging on invalid collection file format (#116)

Other changes:
  1. Add more values to 'minecraft-code' on default config

3.0.3 Aug 7, 2020
Bug fixes
  1. Fix an error while downloading from TWIN on Spigot 1.8.8 servers (without BungeeCord)
  2. Improve compatibility with outdated BungeeCord versions (related to changes to hover events)
  3. Add support for SILVER to LIGHT_GRAY DyeColor change in Spigot 1.13 when handling flags (#112)
  4. Fix an error on console when translating signs with "null" lines (#108)

3.0.2 Jul 15, 2020
Chat Hover Bug Fixes
Fix an issue with the latest 1.16.1 Spigot update that broke hover chat messages

3.0.1 Jul 13, 2020
Bug Fixes
- Fix an error while uploading to TWIN on Spigot 1.8.8

3.0.0 Jul 11, 2020
Better MySQL support, performance improvements and many other features

A migration guide is available.

New features:
MySQL support for translations (Breaking Change)
Prevent players from typing placeholders in the chat, enabled by default (#101)
Support for Minecraft 1.16 and HEX chat colors
Two new commands: "/triton database" and "/triton info"
Add support for some outdated BungeeCord forks

Replaced debug config option with log-level for more control over debugging messages
Removed universal field from translations since it was redundant
players.yml has been renamed to players.json and it's now not used when using a non-local storage option
cache.json file has changed syntax
messages.yml has been updated with new content and a more blueish color scheme
The "/triton setlanguage" for others command arguments have swapped (player comes last now)

Removed aliases for TWIN: (/tritonweb, /tweb, /twebinterface, /tritonwebinterface)
Removed scoreboard translation (which was deprecated since Triton v2.5.1). Use PlaceholderAPI instead.
Removed all "multilanguageplugin.*" permissions

Internal changes:
Spigot and BungeeCord command listeners have been merged for better consistency between the two
Added HikariCP for MySQL connections
Various performance improvements
Saving files is now done asynchronously

Other important notices:
Triton's documentation has been redesigned
Read the migration guide before updating
The file size has increased substantially due to new dependencies introduced in this version
A new generator tool, which is still in development, has been made available for everyone

2.6.4 Jun 5, 2020