I've been out of scene for a while and just started back my business. This resource is the one and only, first ever to sell in the market (I'm not kidding, first posted 17th of Gen 2020, I am now revamping everything). Just like Badlion (RIP) Caves, a must-have for UHC Servers.

This Setup is built for UHC Servers and re-creates perfectly what 6.0 Caves are. It also provides SugarCanes & Ores Setup and Biomes Generation.

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You can purchase or have a look around, please stay safe and have a wonderful day.
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  • ignZeliahh
15 EUR NEW Launch price is 9.99 EUR (ending 07/20/23).
(PayPal, we may reach a deal.)

  • Insane Caves Configuration

    • 6.0 Caves
    • What players like
    • BadLion, Ultra Network
  • Ores Setup

    • Diamond, Gold, Iron, Emerald & RedStone rates adjusted to make them fit perfect for a UHC Server.
  • SugarCanes Setup
  • Biomes Generation Fix

    • Unused UHC Biomes (ex. OCEAN, FROZEN_OCEAN [...]) are replaced by the biomes UHC Players want.
  • [1.7] TerrainControl.jar
  • [1.8] TerrainControl.jar

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