Ultimate Clans Lite is a clan system designed to make your server more beautiful and functional, adding members, rivals, allies and kdr systems to the server, almost fully configurable with many options, configurations and a fast storage system using Hikari.

This is a FREE LITE version with reduced features and no Addons.You can have the full version here


Optional Addons (V5):

Addons are for full version only.

Compatible plugins:
⊲ Ultimate Koth ⊳ - By UlrichBR
PlaceholderAPI, Vault, PlayerPoints, WorldGuard, LeaderHeads, King of the Hill, ComplexTurrets, SuperVanish, PremiumVanish, CombatLogX, DeluxeCombat, PvPManager, PvPmanager Lite, Duels, TitansBattle, GriefDefender, ProtocolLib


  • Editing system by Sign on the player screen.
  • Native support for Bedrock via Geyser+Floodgate.
  • Two types of economy available (Vault and PlayerPoints)
  • A system of independent languages in a single file.
  • Configurable BossBar for clan actions.
  • Multiple home system shared or not with allies.
  • An intelligent command autocompletion system.
  • Administrators can spy on the chat between clan members and allies.
  • Large yet lightweight and low memory and CPU consumption.
  • Create clan, edit and delete.
  • Change leader, promote and demote
  • members and moderators, invite and expel members.
  • Change Tag, Name, Description.
  • System of rivalries and allies with limits.
  • Turn the friendly fire on or off individually or for everyone.
  • Clan exclusive chat, shared with allies or not.
  • KDR scoring status by Points, Kills, War, Members and others.
  • More than 80 placeholders with PAPI including relation placeholders.
  • Titles, Actionar, Hexa colors in messages and menus.
  • Editable files, languages, menus and json.
  • System of confirmations and changes in chat with json.
  • Regroup the clan, ban members,
  • and invite new members by adding commands to actions.
  • Pricing for commands, cooldown, limits and turning commands on or off.
  • Support for languages like Russian, Chinese, Japanese and others using 'UnicodeBlock'.
  • Data saved in Sqlite or Yaml easily edited.
  • Nbt Tags for adding textures to menus.
  • Levels system for scoring.
  • 30 commands for players.
  • 36 commands for administration.
  • Auto update of files on new updates (The plugin automatically adds new modifications)
  • Action scoring system for Clan levels.


Player Commands: Aliases: [clans, c, gang]

[quote]/clan help - Show help menu.
/clan create - Create a new Clan.
/clan cancel - Cancel pending actions.
/clan changeleader <player> - Transfer the leadership.
/clan desc - Add desc to Clan.
/clan disband - Delete you Clan.
/clan leave - Leave a Clan.
/clan invite <player> - Invite a Player to your clan.
/clan join <tag> &7- &eAccept the invitation of a player.
/clan deny <tag> &7- &eDeny invitation of a player.
/clan kick <player> - Remove player from Clan.
/clan promote <player> - Promote player do Mod.
/clan demote <player> - Demote player on Clan.
/clan home <create|delete|list|teleport> <name> - Teleport to Clan home.
/clan chat - Lock chat to Clan or use &b/.<msg>
/clan ff - Toggle Friedly Fire on Clan.
/clan modtag <newtag> - Change tag of Clan.
/clan list - List of all Clans.
/clan info [tag] - Show info of clan.
/clan profile [player] - Show profile of player.
/clan rival <add/remove> <tag> - Add Clan to rival.
/clan rivalries - List rivalries
/clan ally <add/remove/accept/deny> <tag> - Add Clan as ally.
/clan alliances - List alliances.
/clan members - Shows the list of members.
/clan settings <TYPE> <VALUE> - Change clan settings.
/clan regroup <send/accept/deny> - Regroup the clan
/clan banner <open|send|delete> - Clan Banner[/quote] Admin Commands: Aliases: [uclans, uc, ugang, ug]

General Commands:
[quote]/uclan help - Show help menu.
/uclan chatspy - Spy on clan chat
/uclan addslot <player|tag> <amount> - Add slots to the Clan.
/uclan setslot <player|tag> <amount> - Set slots to the Clan.
/uclan removeslot <player|tag> <amount> - Remove slots to the Clan.
/uclan addpoints <player|tag> <amount> - Add points to the Clan.
/uclan setpoints <player|tag> <amount> - set points to the Clan.
/uclan removepoints <player|tag> <amount> - Remove points to the Clan.
/uclan changetag <tag> <newtag> - Changing a clan tag.
/uclan resetplayerkdr <player> - Reset Player KDR.
/uclan resetclankdr <tag> - Reset Clan KDR.
/uclan globalff - Change a global ff.
/uclan delete <tag> - Delete a new Clan.
/uclan forcejoin <player> <tag> - Adds a player to a clan.
/uclan verify <tag> - Verify a Clan.
/uclan reload - Reload the plugin.
/uclan reloadaddons - Reload the addons.[/quote]