Test Server:

Version: 1.8 to 1.16.5 (Java or Mobile)

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Ultimate Lands is an essential plugin for Survival servers where each player can have their lands protected from invaders, in an easy and intuitive way. The new Ultimate Lands is a recreation of the Lands Addon, however many new functions have been added and it runs without external dependencies.
Fully configurable (yes totally), with incredible features and easy editing.

Dependencies and supported plugins:
  • PlaceholderAPI - Optional for pulling placeholders
  • Vault - Optional for some functions.
  • Dynmap - Optional for some function.

  • Holograms with top Lands. (no dependencies)
  • BossBar in land actions. (1.9+)
  • Chuck's map in chat.
  • New system of discoveries of regions.
  • Create regions for protection.
  • Token system for the purchase of extra land.
  • Time for the terrain to expire (if the player stops playing.)
  • Pagination in help commands.
  • Command to turn on AutoClaim mode. (and walking and protecting).
  • Land chat between members.
  • Auto Complete commands.
  • Top Lands system based on the value of blocks.
  • Dynmap support.
  • Protection for multi-world terrain.
  • MYSQL, SQLITE and YAML storage options.
  • Particles and effects.
  • Add or Remove members.
  • Ban and Unban members.
  • Fully configurable Gui menu system.
  • Actions for players in GUI menus and commands.
  • List of Members, Banned Users and People within the land in menu Gui.
  • Set individual spawn for terrains.
  • Allow or deny actions by members within the grounds such as: using enderchest, using chests, using anvil, using enchantment tables, using desks, using funnels, using beacons, using doors and enderpearl
  • Allow or deny external actions by land such as: water flow, lava flow, piston, leaf decay, fire spread, mob spwawning, pvp, break and place events, tnt explosions, mob griefing, mob damage and item Pickup.
  • Turn on or off solo or terrain group mode.
  • Option for players to edit the world or protect protected land.
  • Land limits by permissions.
  • Particles, titles and actionbar without external dependencies.
  • Command prices.
  • Hex, Gradient and Rgb color system.
  • Add regions where players cannot protect lands (uclans regions)
  • and more...

How to add regions?

To add regions take the stick using /uland wand, select the points that surround the entire desired location and use /uland addregion <name> <desc>.
Put the chosen name in the list of disabled regions in the ULands config.yml file and reload the plugin.

Commands and Permissions:

ULands admin commands:

  • /uland help - Show help menu.
  • /uland reload - Reload the plugin.
  • /uland setkickspawn - Set location for kicked players.
  • /uland rtp <player> - Send the player to a random location.
  • /uland addtoken <player> <amount> - Adds tokens to players.
  • /uland wand - Receives a wand.
  • /uland clearwand - Clean the wand points.
  • /uland expand - Expands the set values.
  • /uland addregion <name> <desc> - Adds a region.
  • /uland removeregion <name> - Removes a region.
  • /uland listregions - Lists saved regions.
  • /uland tpregion <name> - Teleports to a region.

ULands player commands:

  • /land gui - Open the gui menu.
  • /land top - Shows the Top Lands.
  • /land chat - Toggle Land Chat.
  • /land map - Chat shows around Chunks.
  • /land autoclaim - Change the auto claim mode.
  • /land update - Update land points/dynmap.
  • /land rtp - Teleports to a random terrain.
  • /land info - Shows terrain information.
  • /land base <number> [tag] - Teleports to a land of clan.
  • /land claim - Claim the terrain where you are.
  • /land unclaim - Unclaim the terrain you are on.
  • /land unclaimall - Unclain all clan lands.
  • /land setspawn - Set current land spawn point.
  • /land list - Show your land list.
  • /land flag <chunk> <flag>:<true|false> - Edit land flags.
  • /land addmember <player> - Add members to the land.
  • /land removemember <player> - Remove members to the land.
  • /land ban <player> - Ban players from the field.
  • /land unban <player> - UnBan players from the field.
  • /land show - See the boundaries of the land.


Standard files: