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UltimateSheepWars, is a game in which two teams have to fight with sheep launched. The winner is the last team alive. The sheeps have several abilities. For winning, players can choose a kit and during the war, some boosters will randomly come up.

Official Test Server : srv7.mathieuar.fr:25566 (check status)

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  Survey (EN) / Sondage (FR)

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[img] tag  Automated World Reset
[img] tag  Sounds, action bars and titles messages
[img] tag  Custom MOTD per Gamestate
[img] tag  Tab header and footer

[img] tag  Ingame Kits
[img] tag  Custom rewards per kill/death/win/loose
[img] tag  Ingame Boosters
[img] tag  Custom Database (for statistics)
[img] tag  Ingame Ranking

[img] tag  Hub redirection when the game is finished
[img] tag  Custom Scoreboard/Messages
[img] tag  Possibility to Sell Kits
[img] tag  No-Flicker Scoreboard
[img] tag  Little surprises on Halloween, Christmass, etc.

[img] tag  Vault/LeaderHeads support
[img] tag  Vote map support

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<> = required, () = permission.
  • /usw ➽ show basic informations.
  • /usw <page number> ➽ show the help menu.
  • /usw setlobby (usw.admin) ➽ set the lobby where players will spawn before the game starts.
  • /usw addbooster (usw.admin) ➽ add a booster at your position to play on your current map.
  • /usw clearboosters (usw.admin) ➽ clear all saved location for current map's boosters.
  • /usw addspawn <team> (usw.admin) ➽ add a spawn for a team (blue, red or spec) to play on your current map.
  • /usw clearspawns <team> (usw.admin) ➽ clear all current map's spawns for a team (blue, red or spec).
  • /usw start (usw.startgame) ➽ shorten the begin countdown.
  • /usw give (usw.give or usw.give.self) ➽ give you all sheeps (cheating is bad :p).
  • /usw give <player> (usw.give or usw.give.other) ➽ give all sheeps to the player.
  • /usw give * (usw.give or usw.give.all) ➽ give all sheeps to everyone.
  • /usw kits (usw.developer) ➽ show you all loaded kits.
  • /usw boosters (usw.developer) ➽ show you all loaded boosters.
  • /usw sheeps (usw.developer) ➽ show you all loaded sheeps.
  • NEW! /usw goto <world's directory name> (usw.admin) ➽ teleports you to another world in order to setup it (you can setup several worlds to activate vote mode).
  • NEW! /usw check (usw.admin) ➽ display a summary to allow you to know which map is setup and if vote mode is enabled.
  • NEW! /usw setname <display name> (usw.admin) ➽ allow you to change the display name of your map in the vote inventory (This command will change the display name of the map on which you are)
  • NEW! /usw setsheepvelocity <speed> (usw.admin) ➽ allow you to edit the sheeps launch velocity in order to fit it with the distance between each side of your map (Same as for /usw setname, you have to go to the world you want to edit this setting and type the command)
  • /stats <player> ➽ show player's records.
  • /hub ➽ go back hub.
  • /lang ➽ list all available languages.
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  • Build your map, put it in your server folder and give it "world" as name
  • Make sure to set the default map's name to "world" in server.properties
  • Put UltimateSheepWars.jar in your plugins folder
  • Restart your server (never use reload)
On startup, the plugin will backup your world directory to 'sheepwars-maps/sheepwars-lobby'. Even if the map you've build isn't only a lobby. Because, it is "more convenient" to build a lobby, then build the map on which players will be playing and put this map in the directory 'sheepwars-maps'.

But if you want to put the lobby and the structure on which players are going to play on the same world, no problemo!

If the world you put is only a lobby :
  • Connect and put the lobby spawn with /usw setlobby
  • Put the world directory (on which players will play) in the sheepwars-maps folder and go to this world with /usw goto <directory name>
  • Then setup the game with addspawn, addbooster, setsheepvelocity, etc. Use /usw check at any state of your configuration to know which spawns need to be set.
If the world you put is a lobby and contains the structures where players are going to play :
  • Connect, put the lobby spawn with /usw setlobby. And setup the map with addspawn, addbooster, setsheepvelocity, etc. Use /usw check at any state of your configuration to know which spawns need to be set.
Finally :
  • Stop your server
  • Edit the config file (plugins/UltimateSheepWars/config.yml) to suit your needs
  • Start your server again
  • Have fun ! :)
  Automatically restart your server after a game

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Boarding Sheep this sheep allows you to land on the ennemy's side.
Dark Sheep Enemies close to this sheep will be blind until the sheep disappears.
Distorsion Sheep It creates distortions by throwing blocks and attract players.
Earth Quake Sheep It creates an earthquake during 10 seconds.
Explosive Sheep It creates an explosion where the sheep is landing.
Fragmentation Sheep When the sheep explosed, baby sheeps will be sent around and each baby will explose.
Frozen Sheep Around the frozen sheep, enemy will have a slowness effect. Moreover, it place snow in a radius of 8 blocks and makes water become ice.
Healer Sheep It heals fighters of its team.
Incendiary Sheep It creates an explosion with fire.
Intergalactic Sheep Launch this sheep on enemy’s side, it will create a meteor rain on the sheep position.
Thunder Sheep When this sheep is landing, it creates thunderbolts around.
Seeker Sheep It moves automatically towards the nearest player and explodes.
Swap Sheep It switches position between the player who is launching this sheep and the nearest enemy.
Glowing Sheep It adds a glowing effect to nearby ennemies. (1.9 or higher only)

[img] tag Create your own sheeps with the Developers API
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A booster is a wool block. Lifetime of a booster is configurable in the config file. When a player hit it with an arrow, the block will give bonus abilities to the player’s team. Different kind of bonus abilities are:
Arrow Knockback Booster Add a knockback effect on the target of the arrow
Arrow Fire Booster
Add a fire effect on the target of the arrow
More Sheep Booster
Give one sheep more to the team
Nausea Booster
It adds a nausea effect to the enemy team
Poison Booster
It adds a poison effect to the enemy team
Regeneration Booster
Grow up the life level for every player in the player’s team
Resistance Booster
Give damage protection for every player in the player’s team

[img] tag Create your own boosters with the Developers API

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When you are waiting before the game starts, you can choose a kit that you will use during the battle, here under the following kits:
More Health Increase health by 2
Better Bow Increase your bow and give it critical or punch
Better Sword
Improve your sword by giving you a stone sword (instead of a wooden)
More Sheep
Additional luck to receive more sheeps than the other players
Builder Give you some blocks of sand, bricks and an anvil, from the beginning of the game

Destroyer Give you a lot of TNT that you can launch with right click
Mobility Improve your speed and jump
Armored Sheep
Increase health of your sheeps

[img] tag Create your own kits with the Developers API

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usw.admin ➽ allows you to use all ultimate sheepwars commands (with /usw).
usw.teams.bypass ➽ allows you to join any team without restrictions.
usw.developer allows you to use all developer commands.

usw.startgame allows you to use /usw start to shorten the begin countdown.
usw.login.bypass ➽ allows you to join full servers.
sheepwars.kit.morehealth ➽ allows you to use the More health kit.
sheepwars.kit.betterbow ➽ allows you to use the Better bow kit.
sheepwars.kit.bettersword ➽ allows you to use the Better sword kit.
sheepwars.kit.moresheep ➽ allows you to use the More sheep kit.
sheepwars.kit.builder ➽ allows you to use the Builder kit.
sheepwars.kit.destroyer ➽ allows you to use the Builder kit.
sheepwars.kit.mobility ➽ allows you to use the Mobility kit.
sheepwars.kit.armoredsheep ➽ allows you to use the Armored sheep kit.

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The file configuration is very full of settings that you can edit:
• Kits (required wins) • Enable spectators to join • Bungeecord settings • MySQL settings • MOTD • Etc.

#===============# UltimateSheepWars config file #===============#
#Edit this file to suit your needs and Have Fun~!
#You can change the in-game prefix
#Note: Use color codes (&1, &3, &l,...)
prefix: '&8[&9SheepWars&8]'
#Enable the default hub command of UltimateSheepWars.
#Useful if you don't have any hub command set up yet.
enable-hub-command: true
#The fallback server is the name of the server where
#people are automatically redirect after the game.
#Note: For BungeeCord ONLY!
fallback-server-name: none
#Countdown before game starts (in seconds)
countdown-before-starting: 60
#Amount of players which are required
#to start the countdown (minimum of 2)
min-players-to-start: 2
#Specify the number of seconds you want the killed player to stay in the killer's vision.
#Set 0 if you want to disable this option.
killer-view-stay-time: 5
#Do you want to let the plugin customize the tablist ?
customize-tablist: true
#To set up max players, simply
#change it in your server.properties
#Players with 'sheepwars.vip' permission will be able
#to join full servers
#The game time (in minutes)
game-time: 20
#Time when all players will be given a boarding sheep every minute (in minutes)
#Occasionally used to stop the game faster.(put 0 to disable)
boarding-time: 10
#Interval between a give of sheep
give-sheep-seconds: 25
#Interval between a spawn of a booster
booster-interval-seconds: 15
#Time before a booster disapeared
booster-life-time-seconds: 10
#Command to execute
#when the game is finished ('stop' or 'restart')
dispatch-command: 'stop'
#Enable or not players to join
#a game which is already started (in spectator mode)
enable-join-for-spectate: true
#Wright down your server name, place holder or
#whatever you want to be show in the scoreboard
scoreboard-decoration: 'server.ip'
#Automatically generate a new language file when
#a player from another country join the game.
#Example: A french Guy join the game and as
#the plugin have no French language in its 'language/' folder
#it will create a new one and allow you to edit each message for French players.
auto-generate-language: false
#Do you want to show any activity of the plugin in the logs ?
#Useful if you found a bug and want to report it to the developer.
allow-debug: false
#===============# Sheep settings #===============#
#How many intergalactic sheeps are allowed to be summoned at the same time (put 0 to disable this limitation)
max-intergalactic-sheeps: 5
#Enable or not a sheep to collide with a player when he is launched
sheep-player-collision: true
#===============# Item settings #===============#
#You can configure the item
#id of each items on join
  kit-id: ENDER_CHEST
  return-to-hub-id: BED
  particles-on-id: BLAZE_ROD
  particles-off-id: STICK
  voting-item: PAPER
  #-----# Team items #-----#
  team-blue: BANNER
  team-red: BANNER
#===============# Reward settings #===============#
#Here you can specify a reward for a player
#when he got a kill/dead/win/lose
#For example: do a command or give money
#NOTE: If you want to send a message without the "CONSOLE: ..."
#which is used by the "tell" command, you could use "tellraw"
#Tellraw generator: https://www.minecraftjson.com/
    vault-reward: 0
    do-command: false
      - 'tell %PLAYER% You got a kill!'
      - 'eco give %PLAYER% 10'
    vault-reward: 0
    do-command: false
      - 'eco remove %PLAYER% 10'
    vault-reward: 0
    do-command: false
      - 'eco give %PLAYER% 50'
    vault-reward: 0
    do-command: false
      - 'eco remove %PLAYER% 50'
#===============# Kit settings #===============#
#Enable permissions to get a kit. (Permission plugin required to manage them)
enable-permissions: false
#Enable ingame shop (Vault, economy and permission plugin are required)
#Note: kits bought by players will be stored thanks to permissions and in database if available.
enable-ingame-shop: false
#Enable all kits for free ?
enable-all-kits: true
#Also and Either you can require a certain amount of wins to get a kit (You will need a database).
enable-required-wins: false
#===============# MySQL settings #===============#
#Connect the game to a mysql database to save
#players stats (Not needed but better).
  #Enable or not mysql settings ?
  enable: false
  free-host: false
  #If you have no database and you want to save stats, you just have to put free-host to true.
  #If you have your own database, you can setup the host, database, user and password used.
  host: localhost
  port: 3306
  database: sheepwars
  table: players
  user: root
  pass: root
#If database was enabled, put the amount of players to show in the ranking.
ranking-top: 10
#===============# MOTD states #===============#
#Setup the MOTD of the server for different game states.
  waiting: "&2\u2714 &aWaiting &2\u2714"
  in-game: "&4\u2716 &cRunning &4\u2716"
  terminated: "&6\u2261 &eEnding &6\u2261"
  restarting: "&5\u26A0 &dRestarting &5\u26A0"
#===============# End of file #===============#

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In this section, I will explain you how players can receive different messages depending on their own language.

In the "UltimateSheepWars/languages" folder, you will have this file: "x_X.yml" which contents basic language = English. When a new player join the host, a new file is created to be customized by the adminstrator. For example, as my language is set in French, when i will join the server, a new language file named "fr_FR.yml" will be created. Then, for each english message (in "fr_FR.yml"), the administrator can translate the message in french.

So, if the administrator use this functionnality, each player receive message in their own language.

If you don't want to use this functionnality, (that i can understand because you will need to translate a lot of words), you can simply put "auto-generate-language" to false (in config file) and just edit the default language ("x_X.yml") which will be applied to every player.
By the way, i've already done a translation in French that you can find here. Hope that it will help you ;)

> French version <
> Deutsch version <

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[Quite Old Version] Second trailer of the plugin

[Old Version] First trailer of the plugin (verrry old haha)

[OLD Version] French tutorial (Thanks to @Nevers25 ):

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I've created a map for my plugin. You can see it below:
  Map: FlyingMachines
You can also create your own map ;)

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This plugin requires Java 8 or higher like Java 9 or 10 (if you regularly update java, there will be no problem. Otherwise you can contact me)

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Q: "Its MYSQL connection optionale or needed ?"
A: "Optionale"

Q: "This plugin is coded for Bungeecord or Spigot ?"
A: "My plugin can be used on a spigot server. (connected or not, to Bungeecord)"

Q: "Can I set up 2 arenas on same server ?"
A: "You cannot run other minigames with my plugin (on the same server, of course). But you can setup several maps to play on."

Q: "This plugin support multi arena ?"
A: "Is on the todo list." ;)

Q: "Do you accept another payment system than PayPal ?"
A: "Yes, PaySafeCard and others if asked."

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  • By downloading the plugin, you agree with the following rules :
  • You are not allowed to redistribute this plugin, or post it on another website.
  • You may not decompile this plugin or modify it.
  • No refunds !
  • I’m not obligated to do updates at a specific time, BUT that doesn't mean i wont do updates, just to clear some things up.
  • UltimateSheepWars is the intellectual property of myself, you will not try to reproduce it and claim it as your own.
  • Any breach of this agreement will make it impossible to use the plugin and in case of recurrence, your name will be communicated to polymart staff.

Like any product, I collect data to ensure better operation. The data I collect is:
  • the name of my plugin that you use,
  • the version of my plugin that you use,
  • the country of your server (in order to better target the translations I need to make of my plugin)
  • the version of your server (in order to optimize the plugin under the most used version)
  • the name of the server's operating system (in order to customize the installation tutorials according to the system you are using)
  • the version of the server's operating system (helps me, in the same way, to customize the installation tutorials)
  • the version of Java you are using (if I see that all users are using a more recent version of Java, I could optimize the plugin and upgrade it to this version).
That's it. There is absolutely no other information I collect. Moreover, all data collected is anonymous! It allows me to draw conclusions about the use of my plugin.
By default, by downloading my plugin, you accept my data policy. HOWEVER, if you don't agree with it, you can continue to use my plugin by deactivating this process (which I advise you not to do because this data really helps me).
To disable data collection, just open the "spigot.yml" file and change the "stats.disable-saving" field to "true". That's all you have to do. This way, I can assure you that no data collection will be done by me.
If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask me questions. I'm doing my best to combine privacy with best product for my customers.
Have a good use and have fun!

If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask me questions. I'm doing my best to combine privacy with best product for my customers.

Have a good use and have fun!

Finally, have fun with my plugin and If you find any bugs or issues, don't leave a bad rating, just private message me on the forums and it'll be fixed as soon as possible.
Have any suggestions? Leave them in the discussion page or PM me!

If you need support, use discussion forum or the "Get support" button to join the Discord server. And don't forget to leave a review :giggle:

Thanks for viewing this ressource and thank you so much if you bought it ! :love: