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UltimateAutoRestart is the most feature-packed and widely used restart plugin on the market. If you have a suggestion for a feature please let me know. (Stats as of September 2021).

Reviews regarding start-up scripts (which are a part of Spigot and not my plugin) will be ignored.

Please do not open tickets regarding missing restart scripts/your scripts not working correctly. Scripts are part of your server software and not of this plugin, you must set them up on your own.

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Features List:
Disclaimer: Please consult the wiki for commands, permissions, placeholders, etc.

View the default config file here!
View the default messages file here!

Find the Bungeecord Addon here!
Find the Velocity Addon here!

• Easily schedule restarts
· Create schedules such as "Monday;23;00", "Friday;02;00", "Daily;12;00"
· Configure commands to run on restart or x seconds before (or after)
· Choose at which intervals sounds, messages will be sent
· Delay restarts if x users are playing on the server
· Execute bukkit, bungee and, velocity commands (further setup required)

·· Schedule commands to run through your proxy (you can do stuff like send back players to their server after it's up, send global restart alerts, etc.)
· NEW! Configure commands to run on specific days of the week

• Quality of Life Features
· Commands for your players to check when a restart will happen
· Works on all panels (Pterodactyl, Multicraft)
· Many available translations (Visit wiki, translations section)
· Fully customizable placeholders (PlaceholderAPI & MVDW)
· Fully customizable messages, actionbars, titles, and sounds for every scenario (RGB for 1.16+)

• General Quality
· Auto-updating configurations on plugin updates
· Works on versions throughout 1.8 - latest
· Frequent updates, fixes, and discord support


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