Default product configs include 1.19+ Minecraft items, PlayerPoints/Vault/ItemsAdder price, if you are getting error, you should remove those things by yourself!
Download Expansion Pack for free at our Discord!

Different from full version and premium version:
  • The page you view is full version. Full version has all base features that other premium shop plugin has!
  • In premium version, we just added more features:
    • Discount Placeholder: You can create discount placeholder to make players have specified permission or meet specified condition to have discount. You can create unlimited discount placeholder and have 2 type: MIN and MAX, min means buy, which player pay lower price for products, max means sell, which player get more money form sell items.
    • Sell Stick: You can create unlimited sell stick, can use ItemFormat in UltimateShop, can custom usage times.
    • Plugin Enchants: Support add plugin enchantments, for now support AdvancedEnchantments only. EcoEnchants, ExcellentEnchants should use vanilla enchants so can use without premium versoin.
    • Geyser Support: Bedrock players can use a different shop GUI, like this (Required floodgate).
    • BungeeCord Sync: Global buy/sell times, last buy/sell time and cooldown buy/sell time data will be interconnected across various BungeCore servers, rather than being cached separately on each server.
    • GUI Editor: You can edit and create shop, products in in-game GUI Editor, this feature is not released but you can try it in premium version.
    • Rotate Shop/Random Placeholder: You can create dynamic rotate product by using our random placeholder.
    • Status Placeholder: Display up or down status information in dynamic price.
    • Localized Item Name: Auto transalte vanilla item name at plugin message, placeholder and so on. You don't need to manually set each product name for vanilla items. (Require 1.16+ server version)
  • Both full version and premium version can download free expansion pack at our Discord!
    • Streak Rewards Pack - Download for free at our Discord!
UltimateShop can also be:
  • Crate Plugin: Use ANY product mode, plugin will randomly pick one product to players.
  • Economy Exchange Plugin: Set product to 100 PlayerPoints, and set buy-prices to 10000 Vault Coins.
  • Menu Plugin: Use COMMON type menu, can use simple menu features.
  • Daily Reward Plugin: Set buy-prices to be free, and make player limit to 1, then set refresh mode to TIMED.
  • Kit Plugin: Just like daily reward plugin doing.


  • UltimateShop is a shop plugin for Spigot, we just try added all premium shop plugins feature to this plugin.
  • Apply price system, you can make each times player buy a product need pay different prices!
  • Dynamic price system, just like in real life, products price can change each time every players buy or sell them.
  • Per player and global limit (or stock) system, and built-in an auto reset feature to help you fill the stock.
  • Built-in simple menu system, just help you create more nice shop menus, common menus and buy more menus!
  • 15+ hook item plugins, economy plugins and PlaceholderAPI support, also UltimateShop 100% support your hook plugin item even the items lore, displayname have changed.

Please view Wiki.


  1. XSeries: https://github.com/CryptoMorin/XSeries
  2. EasySQL: https://github.com/CarmJos/EasySQL
  3. EasyPlugin: https://github.com/CarmJos/EasyPlugin