This plugin still in BETA test! Recommend not use it in production environment!!!

Require Java 17!

This is a new plugin, if you have ever use other shop plugin called "UltimateShop", we are different plugins.

UltimateShop can also be:
  • Crate Plugin: Use ANY product mode, plugin will randomly pick one product to players.
  • Economy Exchange Plugin: Set product to 100 PlayerPoints, and set buy-prices to 10000 Vault Coins.
  • Menu Plugin: Use COMMON type menu, can use simple menu features.
  • Daily Reward Plugin: Set buy-prices to be free, and make player limit to 1, then set refresh mode to TIMED.


  1. UltimateShop is a shop plugin for Spigot, we just try added all premium shop plugins feature to this plugin.
  2. Apply price system, you can make each times player buy a product need pay different prices!
  3. Dynamic price system, just like in real life, products price can change each time every players buy or sell them. (This is the feature plan, not done by yet)
  4. Per player and global limit (or stock) system, and built-in an auto reset feature to help you fill the stock.
  5. Built-in simple menu system, just help you create more nice shop menus, common menus and buy more menus!
  6. 10+ hook item plugins, economy plugins and PlaceholderAPI support, also UltimateShop 100% support your hook plugin item even the items lore, displayname have changed.

Please view Wiki.


  1. XSeries: https://github.com/CryptoMorin/XSeries
  2. EasySQL: https://github.com/CarmJos/EasySQL
  3. EasyPlugin: https://github.com/CarmJos/EasyPlugin