Lisaxx 4 days ago
Version 2.3.4
Creating nearly anything you can imagine in life of Minecraft ? Well ultra customizer is the solution to make it possible. It’s crazy what this plugin is able to. Amazing work!
Mulung Jul 23, 2023
Version 2.2.4
Is it Ultra? or is it basically the best you can get on the market? Definitely both at the same time. It's fantastic you can do everything you want. Additionally with Addons even Community member can create, great support, custom recipes, custom guis, scripts, commands and so much more. Thank you!
Niclas_M13 Jun 26, 2023
Version 2.1.2
It's a great plugin for your single Server or even your whole Network.

You can create a nice and functioning GUI inside a GUI for /help or something or make something Team internal ^^
TheMatty Jun 11, 2023
Version 2.1.0
Great plugin, that can easily outrun the Skript plugin, because it is easy to understand, and very clear.

Possibly the best custom GUI plugin, which can do almost anything.

And if you don't see something that you need, maybe it is hidden among the addons, that can enhance your experience.

An outstanding work of TechsCode, for sure.
TheRobLP Jan 30, 2023
Version 2.0.5
UltraCustomizer is a good replacement for Skript. It has a lot of functions and is easy to use if you understand the basics of coding (loops, if/else stataments and so on). Of course it is still better if you use Java to code your plugins manually (no plugin could ever manage to replace that), but for someone who doesn't (yet) understand Java that much this is the holy grail of utility plugins, I'd say. One thing that I do not like that much is how one makes Skripts. It can easily get overwhelming, due to the fact that creating them is done purely in a chest inventory, which has limited space. But I still prefer it over the hassle that Java brings (Looking at you, wicked instances) especially for the small adjustments I need on my server.
Tamino Jan 29, 2023
Version 2.0.5
It's just amazing, without ultra customizer we had to do so much stuff with programming, but this makes everything faster! Not just being able to create in game Menus (GUI's) but also commands and crafting recipes is a major thing.

The Developer TechsCode and his team are really friendly and try to implement every feature the community wishes.
Greazi Sep 11, 2021
Version 1.7.9
The best custom script, command, edit message and GUI system there is you can edit everything in-game and it changed automaticly when you edit something.
Really great work

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