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SlaapkopAmy Sep 17, 2021
UltraScoreboards is in my opinion the best scoreboard plugin on the market right now because everything is done in a GUI and real life changes. So you don't need to reload the config or restart the server. I use this currently on my production server and I can vouch it also work on bedrock (Geysermc with floodgate). Also re-ordering the lines of the scoreboard is very easy to do in GUI you just drag it to the place you want it to be and it updates directly. no need anymore to copy pasta and then reload to see if its good or not. It also works on all versions 1.8-1.17 :) If you miss any features then you can always ofcourse post it on the feedback website and they will look if its possible. The support team is also great and you don't see that often.
Version 1.0.5
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Greazi Sep 11, 2021
The best scoreboard plugin there is changes are directly vissable with the GUI editor. I have never had a plugin that updates when editing a scoreboard so GG on that
Version 1.0.4

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