Hello Polymart User🌍 , Welcome to Unique System! of Vanity Proyect


🌍 What is Unique License? ↴

Unique License, It is a license system, A site made explicitly for the use of licenses with everything necessary to be able to be used in a license seller or a development. And it's not just that, the system will be updated every week.


MySQL and Hosting Web





🛒We offer: ↴

With GoldLicense we offer you one of the best and most updated license managers, for general use and that is not complicated for the person. 

If you have questions, in our discord you can ask those questions in
Frequently Asked Questions, since we answer the questions that we are
frequently asked and If you have doubts that do not come out, you can contact the
staff where we will clarify all those doubts.


➺ Buying this plugin you agree with these terms:
➺ You do not have the rights to resell the system.
➺ The system CANNOT be Refunded
➺ The system price could change at anytime
➺ If the product was modified, We do not, We do not charge for any errors that may occur to you.

➺ By breaching the term of use, you will automatically be blacklisted from the discord community and removed from your position for owning such a Vanity Project product.

Much more advanced terms in CLICK HERE



How do I use it?:
To use it is simple since it is made for that way that in general they can use it without complicating it so much.
Therefore, the only thing that could complicate you if you do not have experience in a bit of DB or HTML, would be the Install of the site.

What rights do I have in this product?:
You have the full right to modify it for your benefit, what you do not have the right to do is sell, modify and sell it in another way, distribute it for free or the like. 
You have the right to modify it as much as you want as long as you don't sell it or distribute it for free.
But one thing I have to clarify is that once the product is modified, we are not responsible.
Since the product was modified in some way and we do not know that code.
Therefore if you have any errors it is recommended to reinstall the site from 0.

When I buy it, how do I install it?:
For this we have made an Installer on the website, where the only thing you will have to do is fill in the fields that are specified, also another thing is that you have to have MYSQL and it is mandatory. If you have any other problem or you couldn't do it right, open a ticket on discord and we'll show you step by step.

Other question?: Join to server of Discord and open Ticket or Login and join in site of Vanity Proyect


Discord: Vuhp#6969
Twitter: UniXSystemar
Website: Uni X System