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Most of the information are taken from the orignial setup page with just few changes of this new version.

This setup has no test server because it shares about 90% of the features of the modern version (that already has a test server) except this has a Unique Classic Ranks/Prestiges system with 34 Custom Mines with some more special features.

(You can check the mines pictures in the Mines section)

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**This version is made for those who love/like the classic style of prison mixed with my Unique & Custom Features**

$$$ If you're a buyer of my other setup (LINK) you can get a discount (UP TO 50%) on this setup if you want to purchase it, just contact me on Discord/PM. $$$

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  • Prison servers are everywhere now but most of them are the same! so we decided to create a unique prison server that has many new features & ideas some are new and some from other game modes.
  • NOTE: Get your self a big cup of coffee or any drink you like and get your self ready to begin your journey reading the whole page ;).
  • Please add me on discord for faster response (AyhamAlali#2693).

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  • Spgiot 1.12.2 Server (The server must run on 1.12.2 Spigot/Paper + with [optional] ProtocolSupport plugin players below 1.12.2 till 1.8 can still join the server).
  • 45+ Custom plugins.
  • No paid plugins.
  • Fully made setup.
  • Fully Customizable Setup.
  • Fully Customizable JSON Chat (Hoverable & Clickable) (PlaceholderAPI Supported).
  • Chat Color menu & permissions. (fully customizable with .yml files).
  • Staff Chat & Staff Menu.
  • Custom Command/Social Spy.
  • Custom Development Mode.
  • Custom enchantments menu (Armor, Tools) (fully customizable with .yml files).
  • Free world with it's own spawn and RandomTP command.
  • Plots world (30x30).
  • Gems shop (1$ = 1 Gem - made for in-game purchases) (same as other modern shops but more customizable with more features) (fully customizable with .yml files).
  • Custom Join Messages (fully customizable with .yml files).
  • Custom Jump pads (fully customizable with .yml files).
  • Custom Prestiges - A Fully made and customizable Prestige System made of 1000 Prestiges (By default - You can set it to whatever you like even to unlimited) (it has global commands and per prestige commands and much more options) (fully customizable with .yml files).
  • Prestige Master - After the max prestige you can Prestige Master to reset 90% your data such as Rank, Prestige, Money, Blocks, Tokens) all all are optional, you can customize it as you like in the config files. (with a cool prestige master badge and counter) (fully customizable with .yml files).
  • Sell multipliers - There are 2 ways to get a sell multiplier and both are customizable, you can get a sell multiplier from prestiges and permissions. (75% customizable with .yml files).
  • Sell/Ranks/Prestiges Multipliers - Everytime you prestige your ranks, sells and prestiges become more expensive (toggle-able + fully customizable) (fully customizable with .yml files).
  • Custom Ranks system, made from A-Z with a special mine for each rank, you can customize EVERYTHING in the ranks config and system as you like. (fully customizable with .yml files).
  • 26 Rank Mines
  • 3 Donor Ranks with a mine for each rank.
  • 4 Prestige Mines (P1, P3, P5 and P10).
  • 1 Luck Mine that can be earned from crates
  • A Total of 34 Custom, Modern Mines most of them made by the great builder AspireBuilds from these 2 mine packs (Pack 1, Pack 2)
  • Semi-OP prison - Balanced economy system, with sell/ranks/prestiges multipliers.
  • Modern and neat Mines GUI (with a decent placeholders for each rank cost and availability status)
  • Custom & Neat Warps Menu. (fully customizable witrh .yml files)
  • Custom player/console logs (made for security and punishments).
  • Advanced & Custom Lucky blocks system with many prizes (fully customizable with .yml files).
  • Custom players information command (gives all the important in-game info of any player).
  • Custom pouches (Money, Exp and Tokens with 3 tiers) (fully customizable with .yml files).
  • PvP System (Levels, kills, deaths, KD, Shop, Rewards, Crystals)
  • PvP Shop & rewards (With PvP crystals you can buy from PvP Shop such as PvP items, armors and much more) (fully customizable using .yml files).
  • RandomTP for free world (fully customizable witrh .yml files).
  • Custom Sell system (AutoSell, SellAll and Sell GUI) (fully customizable witrh .yml files).
  • Some custom commands to help players with the server.
  • Custom /Shop. (fully customizable with .yml files).
  • Players Shop (ChestShop)
  • Custom Scoreboard (PlaceholderAPI supported) (fully customizable witrh .yml files).
  • Custom Staff password (for security).
  • Custom Tablist (Names, Header and Footer) (PlaceholderAPI Supported) (fully customizable witrh .yml files).
  • Advanced & Custom Tags system.
  • Custom tokens system with token shop & token blocks in mines. (75% customizable with .yml files).
  • Custom Tool drop check for some items & tools (Press ! twice to drop).
  • Custom /trash GUI.
  • Custom Vouches (in-game controllable & Unlimited amount) (unlimited of commands)
  • Advanced & Custom Drugs System (in-game controllable) (Unlimited of effects).
  • Most of our systems are in-game controllable (create, delete, edit & more in-game commands).
  • Custom JSON Announcements system. (fully customizable witrh .yml files)
  • Advanced & Custom Blocks rewards (2 type of rewards).
  • Buycraft purchase cosmetics (Particles, Sounds and Custom Broadcast).
  • Custom Chat essentials (Lock & Clear chat, Anti Spam, Anti Ads).
  • Custom Clear chat system (Self, players only and All).
  • A neat & hoverable server MOTD.
  • 7 Staff Ranks (Owner, Co-Owner, Dev, Manager, Admin, Mod and Helper).
  • 3 Donor ranks (VIP, VIP+ and MVP+).
  • All Staff & Donor ranks are fully made (permissions & Perks).
  • Auctions System. (Same as AuctionHouse)
  • 7 Crates (Fully made) (+ Levels & Prestige custom GUI crates - They aren't same as normal crates they're custom made with special style) .
  • Custom Anti Ads & Swearing systems.
  • No glitched blocks while mining.
  • A neat Boss bar announcer.
  • Fully made Voting rewards.
  • NOTE: This setup is custom made using Skript, so if you're one of those who hate/don't like Skript just know that this is completely safe, well developed and lag free, you can check the rest of the features, test it and ask any question you want.
    ("Bad coders/devs will cause LAG when they create Skripts same as bad coders/devs with Java.")

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  Enchantments Menu

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  • This setup is made out of custom plugins (scripts), there are 45+ custom script currently but don't worry they are well developed so there is no lag from it (depends on how many players online and RAM amount of the server), most of it doesn't use lots of events that may cause server lag, and it's recommended to have enough RAM if you want lots of players to join like +50/+100 players, it's just recommended.
  • This feature give the buyers and me (the author) to customize everything you/I want and make much more stuff which you may request.
  • Due to this feature and the truth that this setup is around 80% custom made.. the buyers can request features to be added however, some requests may cost some additional charges depends on how much effort I will put into the request/feature and whether it's public or private.
  • If you have any doubts that this could cause lots of lag and you won't be able to run it with lots of players you can test the setup in our test server that has only 1.5GB.. you can find it below in the test section.
  • In case you had any lag please contact me directly and I will do my best to fix the issue/problem.
  • Each plugin (script) has it's own information and permissions so for that we've added all the info you need about each plugin (script) in the script's file (.sk)
  • Here are some other custom plugins and ideas we've made..
  Staff Password
  JSON Chat
  JSON Chat
  Chat Colors
  Chat Colors
  Development mode
  Command Spy
  Staff List
  Join message
  Jump pads
  Random Teleport
  Advanced sign edit
  Tools drop check
  No Fly
  Player Info
  Night Vision
  No Portal
  Server custom messages
  Useful stuff

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  Change This!

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  • [✔] = Done,
  • = Under development, [✖] Stand Still.
  • Mine events.
  • Marry plugin.
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  • If you're interested and want to test the setup feel free to join our test server: (This is the other setup's test server, this server doesn't have a test server because it's 95% the same as the other one and also to protect the paid mines we have)
    • Server IP: PLAY.OPG4MERS.COM
    • Server RAM: 1.5GB
    • Server region: Canada
    • In the test server we gave you some powerful permissions and features so you can test them.
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  • If you have any suggestions to add in the next updates feel free to suggest in the discussion section.
  • Note: I accept all king suggestions however there might be some suggestions that aren't needed, not possible  or requires a lot of effort and in this case it would cost some additional charge so keep that in your mind if you're suggesting something special or only for you.
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  • Please do not leave bad ratings because of any bug/missing options you may find.
  • I've been setting up this page for about 6 days and I tried to include every single feature as possible so you can know everything about this setup/product.
  • Also, it would be great to leave a good rating if you liked the setup and want more stuff to be added.
  • Please do not use rating section for reporting bugs or anything related, only use it to share your personal opinion.
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  • Note: The setup requires a plugin that must be downloaded from its official page (Citizens)
  • You must run this setup with Internet connection due to the license checking system.
  • We recommend running the server with +4GB Memory for the best performance.
Believe it or not you've finished reading the page! idk about your coffee if it still alive or not :D