Terms of Service (ToS)

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  1. > Due to the non-refundable nature of this product, we can not give the buyers any refunds, and you agree not to attempt to open a chargeback on any payment processor you used, and if you found any bug/issue with the product please contact us immediately so we can help you.
  2. > You can not resell/share this resource to/with anyone.
  3. > Updates will contain file/code changes so we're not responsible for any code changes you've made to our codes on your copy.
  4. > By purchasing this you agree that if you haven't read this whole page word by word then we're not responsible for anything you may have missed and if you did read the whole page then you agree to all our Terms of Service.
  5. > Our Terms of Service may receive updates at any time with a notification in the resource discussion section, we're not responsible if you don't check them out.
  6. > Getting banned from the website (MC-Market) will make you lose access to further updates of the product but you can still get some help from us for the current version of the product you have depends on the ban reason.
  7. > If you break any of these terms you will be removed from buyers.
  8. > Disclaimer: If you share your setup license with anyone you will be removed from the buyers list.