2.3.0 Jun 30, 2020
* Some bug fixes.

To update you need to replace the following file(s) with the new one(s):

- Plugins/ClassicCore.jar
- Plugins/Skript/scripts/Ranks.sk
- Plugins/Skript/scripts/PvPRewards.sk
- Plugins/Skript/scripts/Fortune.sk

And add the following file(s):
- none

And Remove the following file(s):
- none

-> PvPRewards.sk (PvPRewards.sk)
FIX - PvP Kill message placeholders are not parsed.
FIX - PvP Shop not opening.
FIX - PvP Shop Title broken.
FIX - PvP Shop Item lores broken.
FIX - PvP Shop buy message {type} showing wrong value.
FIX - PvP Shop opening message has a typo.

-> Ranks.sk (Ranks.sk)
FIX - Visual bug in rankup message "invalid".
FIX - Minor bugs reading yaml values.
FIX - /ranks sometimes not using prestige multipliers in equation.
FIX - Added

-> Fortune.sk (Fortune.sk)
FIX - Blacklisted worlds are reversed.
FIX - Removed debug message from blacklisted worlds check

» Thank you all for reporting bugs/issues and giving suggestions. Please write/report your suggestions/bugs in the discussion section or PM me.

- Thank you for choosing us :)
- Have a wonderful day.

2.2.0 Jun 30, 2020