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2.6.1 3 days ago
Spawner Untrust

- Fixed: Possible spawner duplication, if target got untrusted from untrusted region

2.6.0 Dec 28, 2021

2.6.0 Dec 28, 2021
PlaceholderAPI, Eco-Format
+ Added: [Suggestion] You can now parse placeholders from 3rd party plugins in chat messages via PlaceholderAPI.
This currently does not include GUI menus. Lands will only integrate into PAPI if you have any PAPI placeholders in the language file.

+ Added: /spawners about command (admin)

+ Changed: [Suggestion] 'eco-format' now defaults to '$#,###.00'
All currency symbols have been removed from the default language files.
Current installations are not affected by this change. Only new users.
If you however, regenerate your language files to default make sure you update your eco-format option.

2.5.12 Dec 23, 2021

2.5.12 Dec 23, 2021
French Language, Currency Item
If you use item based economy, please make sure to edit the new currency item to your liking.
+ Added: [Suggestion] You can now specify custom model data for item based economy. For that, a new item has been added in the gui file.

+ Added: French translation (fr-FR)
Thanks to @Nogapra for contributing his translation!

2.5.11 Dec 14, 2021
- Fixed: Invalid default translation for the /spawner listperms command

2.5.10 Dec 4, 2021
- Fixed: Permission changes to groups of Luckperms wouldn't immediately be applied to the players limits
+ Improved: Permission calculation only triggered when explicitly needed

2.5.9 Dec 3, 2021
GUI Menus
+ Improved: Handling of GUI language file configuration mistakes that lead to items not being displayed
+ Improved: GUI menu setup is now even faster, due to moving collision checks to at load and not creation
- Fixed: Help message for /spawner listperms

2.5.8 Nov 27, 2021
- Fixed: Wrong listener priority for spawner spawn listener

2.5.7 Nov 19, 2021
- Fixed: [#1526] Able to claim spawners in areas where player is untrusted

2.5.6 Nov 11, 2021
No AI - Damage
+ Added: Do not allow any damage caused by entities that were spawned with no-ai enabled in config

2.5.5 Nov 10, 2021
+ Added: More silktouch options:
enabled_5: false
# Set the required minimum silktouch level.
min-level: 1
# Also allow the mining of vanilla spawners?
# NOTE: If the vanilla spawner convert option is enabled, then this setting won't have any influence as
# vanilla spawners will be converted into uspawners upon interaction.
vanilla_2: false

2.5.4 Nov 2, 2021
Checkperms Command
+ Added: /spawners checkperms
Check which permissions of uspawners a player has.

2.5.3 Oct 23, 2021
+ Added: Cancel spawning if entity type does not equal the spawners entitiy type

2.5.2 Oct 16, 2021
Hologram Offset
+ Added: Hologram offset option
# Y offset - adjust the height
offset: 0

- Fixed: Not possible to generate 50% chance of drop as max is exclusive

2.5.1 Oct 15, 2021
Enderman teleport
+ Added: Do not allow teleportation of entities that were spawned by uspawners

2.5.0 Oct 2, 2021
+ Added: You can now configure what mobs should drop if butcher mode is turned on:
name: Blaze
cost: 5000.0
skull: eyJ0ZXh0dXJlcyI6eyJTS0lOIjp7InVybCI6Imh0dHA6Ly90ZXh0dXJlcy5taW5lY3JhZnQubmV0L3RleHR1cmUvYjc4ZWYyZTRjZjJjNDFhMmQxNGJmZGU5Y2FmZjEwMjE5ZjViMWJmNWIzNWE0OWViNTFjNjQ2Nzg4MmNiNWYwIn19fQ==
- 'BLAZE_ROD:1:1'

- Fixed: Too hight spawn rate if butcher mode enabled

2.4.7 Sep 18, 2021
- Fixed: Issue with event handlers

2.4.6 Sep 17, 2021
- Fixed: CMI holos

2.4.5 Sep 14, 2021
+ Added: Lands -> Delete spawners when player gets untrusted (Lands version 5.15.2+ required)

2.4.4 Sep 9, 2021
- Fixed: Issue with silktouch

2.4.3 Sep 9, 2021

2.4.2 Sep 9, 2021
- Fixed: Error at spawner resume call

2.4.0 Aug 24, 2021
Butcher Option
+ Added: Butcher option
To prevent your players from toggling this option, just add "enabled: false" to the corresponding item in your gui file.

# Default settings. These only apply to new spawner creations.
# Available: BUTCHER
default-settings_list: []

2.3.6 Aug 20, 2021
No AI Options
+ Added: More no-ai options

# Should spawned entities from a upgradeable spawner have AI?
# If set to false, these entities will not move or do pathfinding.
# This helps to improve server performance.
# NOTE: This setting requires server reload / restart.
enabled_4: true
# Should entities still be able to get pushed around by water or other entities?
water-pushing: true

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