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  1. Wiki: https://github.com/Angeschossen/UpgradeableHoppers/wiki
  2. Config: https://github.com/Angeschossen/UpgradeableHoppers/blob/master/src/main/resources/config.yml
  3. Commands: https://github.com/Angeschossen/UpgradeableHoppers/wiki/Permissions#command-permissions
  4. Permissions: https://github.com/Angeschossen/UpgradeableHoppers/wiki/Permissions
  5. Languages (pre-translated): https://github.com/Angeschossen/UpgradeableHoppers/tree/master/src/main/resources/Language
  6. Developer API: https://github.com/Angeschossen/UpgradeableHoppersAPI

With this hopper plugin, you can allow your players to transfer items over long distances or to suck items in a larger radius. You can also configure an optional chunk hopper type. All of this is combined with upgrades and management in a useful GUI menu. The hoppers are super useful and will improve gameplay. This will definitely improve your server's performance and reduce hopper lag, caused by vanilla hoppers.

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