VanillaTech  is a plugin designed to add new mechanics to minecraft without changing the survival gameplay too drastically. All additions added by this plugin do not override any existing features in the base game, nor does it make features in the base game obsolete.

This plugin was also designed to be fully customizable; All modules in this plugin can be disabled, to allow server owners the ability to chose how they want their server to be.

  • Adds Auto Crafting Tables, which take ingredients from a container above the block and output the 'result' in a container below it.
  • Adds Block Breakers, which can attempt to break break the block in front of it using the tool placed inside it.
  • Adds Block Placers, which can place blocks.
  • *New* Added 'Decrafting', which converts full blocks back to their individual components. Currently applies to netherwarts, clay, glowstone, and quartz.
  • Adds Dynamic Lighting, which creates a light source at the player's location when holding a block that adds light. (Unlike similar plugins that also add this, this feature was designed to cause the least amount of lag possible by only creating and updating light sources when necessary)
  • Adds "Rotten Leather", which creates a way to turn rotten flesh into leather. (By default, a 4:1 ratio for rotten leather is needed to craft regular leather, so that it does not massively impact any economy server)
  • Adds WorldAnchors, which loads chunks even when no players are nearby. Useful for redstone contraptions that need synchronous timers.
  • Adds Movable Tile Entities, which allows you to move chests, furnaces, and shulkerboxes with slime blocks!
  • Lightweight: All of the features in this plugin are designed to use the least amount of processing power to not cause any lag.
  • Fully customizable: From what the crafting recipes are, to messages and even what models are enabled, almost everything is customizable.
  • Continuous updates: Unlike modpacks that require specific updates, this plugin is designed to work on almost all previous versions of spigot and is customizable so that it should support future versions as well.
  • vanillatech.*:
    • Gives access to all permissions
  • vanillatech.admin

    • vanillatech.reload
    • vanillatech.give
    • vanillatech.debugmessages
    • vanillatech.bypassAnchorlimit
    • vanillatech.clearAllAnchors
  • vanillatech.default

    • vanillatech.viewchunkboarder
    • vanillatech.placeAnchor
    • vanillatech.breakAnchor
    • vanillatech.placeautocraftingtable
    • vanillatech.breakautocraftingtable
    • vanillatech.placeblockbreaker
    • vanillatech.breakblockbreaker
    • vanillatech.placeblockplacer
    • vanillatech.breakblockplacer

Moveable Tile Entitities is a module that allows you to move chests, furnaces, brewing stands, shulkerboxes, and other tile entities with slime blocks. Simply putting blocks on the sides of the slimeblocks allows you to push or pull those blocks!

Note: Since minecraft does not allow tileentities to move on their own by default, you will need to make sure that the piston is not pushing *against* (See below)

However, to get around certain build restrictions, regular pistons will now push Redstone Blocks, RedstoneLamps, and TileEntities instantly on contact. Use this if you need to push things like blockbreakers in a single line.

AutoCraftingTables automate the crafting process by automatically crafting specified items. By adding a container above and below the autocraftingtable, items are crafted using the materials in the top container and will add the crafted item to the bottom container.

Video of how this works can be found here:

Rotten Leather is an item used to turn rotten flesh into leather, without it being overpowered by forcing the user to use 4 rotten leather to craft 1 regular leather. This item is meant to allow players to be able to both convert rotten flesh into a useful item, while also giving alternative to players that don't want to butcher animals for resources.

In base-game Minecraft, you can craft things like quartz blocks, glowstone blocks, and clay blocks, but you cannot craft them back into their individual components. Instead, for some of them, you would need to place those blocks down and break them again, which would not even drop enough to recreate the block.

'Decrafting' is a new system that will allow players to craft them back into their individual components.

Block Breakers can mine blocks using the tool provided. With this, you can now automate tree farms, or make automated strip miners:

Video of how this works can be found here:

Block Placers are pretty self explanatory, in that they place blocks. With this, you can make flying machines to auto build bridges, or automate processes for placed blocks for farms.

Video of how this works can be found here:

World Anchors keep chunks loaded even when players are not nearby. Useful for keeping machines or farms running while players are offline.

By default, even world anchored chunks are unloaded on server restarts to save memory. This can be enabled if needed.

DynamicLighting creates a light source when players hold items that emit light. Designed to cause the least amount of lag possible, this module makes mining easier without needing to torch-spam caves:

Requires LightAPI to function properly.

Video of how this works can be found here:

LightAPI: Used by DynamicLighting to create light sources.
PluginConstructorAPI: Automatically downloaded on start-up. Has many utils that VanillaTech uses.

If you want to support me in maintaining this plugin, you can do so through Ko-fi:

Though this plugin is feature complete, updates may add or alter features of VanillaTech.