Glozz Jan 20, 2021
Version 2.1.0
In my opinion this is the best Vehicles plugin that I've seen, it's a unique vehicles plugin, more optimization and fixes with each update, more vehicle personalization, you can create you own vehicles and let players on your server drive those. The support is great. This plugin cannot be missing if you have a roleplaying server.

Author's response
Thanks for the review!
CedricDB Jan 29, 2023
Version 2.3.5

Author's response
Thanks! :)
momotaronyan Jan 16, 2023
Version 2.3.5
As a result of trying with spigot-1.19.2 and paper-1.19.2 /pl is displayed in red letters. ProtocolLib and Vault are installed. It's a pity that I bought it.(From Japan)

Author's response
Please join our support Discord for support. This is probably caused by not having an economy manager (like EssentialsX) installed, which is required for Vault.
KeinWunder Jan 20, 2021
Version 2.1.0
I and my community really love your plugin.
We all appreciate, how much effort you've put in this project so far.

We look forward to see old Addons like VP-Police or similar get supported again.
As soon as we get to that point, you have the well deserved 5/5 stars from me!

Author's response
Thank you for the review! I would be more than happy to update the old addons, if I had the sources! Send me a message on Discord with the jar files and I will update them :)
ItsCake Jan 12, 2021
Version 2.0.10
The plugin is great for rping servers, and while time consuming, it's pretty easy to grasp once you've learned it.

As this is a (in my opinion) revolutionary plugin, it's understandable that the vehicles might not run smoothly on a server that tends to lag, so just make sure you have the resources, and you're good to go! I will note that they are always working on optimizing the plugin, though.

Author's response
Thank you for the review!

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