2.4.3 Jun 21, 2023
Added 1.20 support
  • Added 1.20(.1) support
  • Bumped dependencies

2.4.1 May 26, 2023
v2.4.1: Fixed shop for non-colorable vehicles
  • Fixed error in shop when using non-colorable vehicles

2.4 Apr 7, 2023
Big improvements from v3 for v2, and some other stuff!

This release includes some improvements done in the v3 beta, but then for v2. V3 is still a work in progress, but because of a major bug in v2 with slab driving, the new slab driving feature in v3 has been migrated to v2.

  • Implemented recoded slab driving from v3
    For correct operation, vehicle damage MUST be disabled!
  • Fixed transfer vehicle garage duplication bug
  • Fixed reload garage duplication bug
  • Bumped dependencies

2.3.5 Jun 26, 2022
Fixed give / shop garage bug
  • The garage is now correctly updated after a player buys / receives a second car

2.3.4 Jun 22, 2022
v2.3.4: 1.19 support and duplication fix
  • Added 1.19 support
  • Fixed duplication bug in garage GUI on /vehicle give command

2.3.3 Apr 22, 2022
Fixed 1.18.2 NMS errors
  • Fixed 1.18.2 errors in the NMS itemstack system
  • Added Polymart purchase detection

2.3.2 Mar 12, 2022
v2.3.2: Hotfix! (Reupload)
  • Added 1.18.2 support
  • Updated dependencies
This is a re-upload! Make sure to download the JAR again!

2.3.2 Mar 12, 2022

2.3.1 Jan 19, 2022
  • Added 1.17 and 1.18 support
  • Small fixes / improvements

2.3.0 Apr 20, 2021
Hand Models!
  1. VehiclesPlus now only supports Java 11 and above (Java 15 Recommended)
  2. Hand models are now supported!
  3. Improved hitbox calculations
  4. Improved collision handling, meaning less lag and better detection!
  5. Added miscellaneous missing lines to language files
  6. Added horn cooldown
  7. Switched to Bukkit's ConversationAPI for transferring vehicles
  8. (API) Temporarily disabled getDrivingPlayer()
  9. General cleanup and refactoring

2.2.7 Mar 10, 2021
This is the last version that will support Java 8/9/10!
Update to Java 11 or higher to continue using VehiclesPlus (Java 15 recommended.)

- Improved CollisionHandler performance
- Fix ConfigUpdater for Java 10 and below (this version only)

2.2.6 Mar 6, 2021
VehiclesPlus 2.2.6 - New languages, config options, fixes
- Added Spanish and Portuguese translations (Thanks SirGlozz!)
- Added config option to spawn vehicles as locked
- Added system to automatically update locale files if new locale strings are added
- Added ability to parse quoted names in /v give
- Switched to NMS Reflection
- Renamed VehicleSpawnEvent to PreVehicleSpawnEvent, added VehicleSpawnedEvent
- Made VehicleLeaveEvent cancellable
- Fixed missing vehicle start sound
- Fixed Purpur “Asynchronous Chunk remove entity” error

2.2.5 Feb 8, 2021
Bugfixes + API Improvements
Improvement | Prevent dispensers from dispensing gasoline cans

Fix | Fix /v forcedespawn causing "seat is occupied" or other issues
Fix | Fix /v forceshop
Fix | Fix default motorbike seat placement

API Changes:
New | Added VehicleBuyEvent
New | Added getSpawnedVehicles and getDrivingVehicles methods, plus the ability to filter by BaseVehicle
New | Added getDrivingVehicle(player) to find what vehicle a player is driving
New | Added getGiver method to VehicleGiveEvent
New | Added more NBTSave classes to API
Please note: The new API will not be published to the repo until later tonight due to an authentication error.

If you appreciate this update, please leave a review and consider pledging a donation to our Patreon page. Enjoy the update!

Wiki: https://docs.volmit.com/vehiclesplus/
Javadocs: https://volmitsoftware.github.io/VehiclesPlus/
GitHub: https://github.com/VolmitSoftware/VehiclesPlus

2.2.4 Feb 6, 2021
  1. Fix ACF console spam when driving car
  2. Fix a few visual inventory glitches when shift clicking/using keyboard numbers

2.2.3 Feb 1, 2021
BStats Hotfix
Switched back to BStats 1.8 due to shading errors.

2.2.2 Jan 31, 2021
Locale quick fixes
  1. Add Russian translation (thanks Hitman447!)
  2. Fix missing locale messages
  3. Update bstats

2.2.1 Jan 27, 2021
Fix | Fix actionbar locales.

2.2.0 Jan 26, 2021
VehiclesPlus 2.2.0 - NEW Locale System!
Here comes another update! This time, we're introducing a brand new locale system, along with new translations by the community, as well as some smaller changes.

New | Our new locale system has been implemented! Click here to learn more about creating your own locale.
New | New German translation. Thanks, Nowhere!
New | New Turkish translation. Thanks, OverBrave!

Improvement | The help commands now show command descriptions.
Improvement | Improved the Dutch translation. Thanks, Coco!
Improvement | Optimized code

Fix | Fix NPE when opening shop if the player had no buy permissions

Remove | Removed 1.0 data and vehicle converter

If you appreciate this update, please leave a review and consider pledging a donation to our Patreon page. Enjoy the update!

Wiki: https://docs.volmit.com/vehiclesplus/
Javadocs: https://volmitsoftware.github.io/VehiclesPlus/
GitHub: https://github.com/VolmitSoftware/VehiclesPlus

2.1.0 Jan 20, 2021
VehiclesPlus 2.1.0 - NEW API, NEW Commands, NEW Permissions!
Welcome to our new website! With this move, we're introducing our newest version - 2.1.0! After seven developer builds, we're ready to introduce a plethora of new features for you to enjoy - as well as a few changes and bugfixes!

WARNING: You MUST delete and regenerate your locale files for this update, or else your messages will not appear correctly in-game!

WARNING: Any plugins that used the old API will NOT work! They must be updated.

New | It's been a long time coming, and we finally have our new API - click here.
New | New Commands system! All commands remain the same - however, they will be easier to use and more friendly. View the Improvements section to learn more.
New | Buy and Ride permissions for each individual vehicle! These may be configured in each vehicle's config. Our wiki will be updated to explain in more depth.
New | "/v forcegarage (player)" command to force a player to open their garage. Uses permission "vp.admin.forcegarage".
New | If you are running Bukkit or Spigot, you will see a message on startup suggesting to use Paper instead.
New | If you are using a Java version below Java 11, you will see a message on startup reminding you to update to Java 11+ before Minecraft 1.17 is released.

Improvement | Made most commands console-friendly.
Improvement | Made most command arguments optional (such as colors).
Improvement | Made most "give" commands not require an item in the giver's hand.
Improvement | GUIs have been modernized to use glass panes instead of wool and iron bars.
Improvement | The text on GUI arrows are now easier to read.
Improvement | XSeries library has been updated.
Improvement | Switched to XSeries' SkullUtils for loading skulls.
Improvement | Remove hitbox calculation message.
Improvement | Moved message colors to localized files.
Improvement | Switch rename vehicle system to use Bukkit Conversations API.
Improvement | Cleaned up and optimized code.

Fix | You can now drive up snow blocks, slabs, and small slabs correctly.
Fix | Solved asynchronous chunk loading error.
Fix | Potential fix for collision boxes breaking/disappearing on 1.12.
Fix | Solved error during shutdown.
Fix | Fixed bug when rejoining game while renaming vehicle.

Remove | Removed spawnpoints feature. It was rarely used and broken.

If you appreciate this update, please leave a review and consider pledging a donation to our Patreon page. Enjoy the update!

Wiki: https://relavis.gitbook.io/vehiclesplus/
Javadocs: https://relavis.github.io/VehiclesPlus/
GitHub: https://github.com/relavis/VehiclesPlus

2.0.10 Jan 12, 2021