Quickly and easily edit any YAML file using a simple in-game GUI. No more getting your hands messy in configuration files or connecting to FTP servers!

Visual File Editor is a simple way to edit your server files using an in-game GUI!

You can also use the plugin to explore your server folder, so you don't even need to know where the files you want to edit are!

Need to see what you have "blockStorageFormat" set to in the config.yml file for CustomItems? Easy! Just type /vfe edit CustomItems/config.yml, and hover over the item labeled "blockStorageFormat" to see what it's set to! Want to change it? Also easy! Just click on the item to set it to a new value!


✅  Access your server configuration files all in-game
✅  No more need to use FTP
✅  Quickly view the contents of your YAML files
✅  Easily add and delete items from your YAML files, including numbers, strings, booleans, lists, and maps!

✅  Give server operators access to config files without giving them FTP access!



vfe.list — default: OPs — allow the user to list all of the files and folders on the computer

vfe.edit— default: OPs — allow the player to view and edit any YAML file on the computer

/vfe edit <file> — permission: vfe.edit — edit the file at the given location

/vfe list <folder> — permission: vfe.list — list all of the files and folders at the given location

Command Formatting & Security IMPORTANT
Whenever you see <file>, you should enter a path, like CustomItems/config.yml. By default, the home folder (if you have <file> be "/"), is your plugins folder, so, using

/vfe list /

Will list all of the folders and files in your server's plugins folder. To go to a specific folder or file, you can just use the normal file path format, like

/vfe edit CustomItems/config.yml

Keep in mind that in addition to editing the files in your plugins folder, the /vfe edit command also gives access to THE ENTIRE COMPUTER. The path ".." means "parent folder", so, if you had a file called "secrets.yml" on your desktop, and your server folder was also on your desktop, you could edit it using

/vfe edit ../../secrets.yml

For this reason, it is very important that you only give permission for this command to the server owner. It is not recommended that you give permission for this command to anyone else, although it is still possible.
Make sure you read and agree to the Terms of Service and License at the bottom of this page before downloading or using the plugin.

Unfortunately, due to the way YAML files are stored by Bukkit, if you add or delete anything from the file, the comments will be erased. This will have no effect on your server whatsoever, but it could be unwanted. However, I'm currently working on a way to change this to make it so that comments can be kept while editing a YAML file.

Have any questions about the plugin you want to ask before purchasing it? Have any feature suggestions?
Let me know, and I'll respond to your message as soon as possible!

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