Pretti_ Oct 3, 2021
Version 11.17.8
Excellent plugin, very configurable and very efficient, amazing customer support.
starwarsfreak219 Aug 14, 2021
Version 11.17.3
Probably one of the best AutoPickup plugins out there! There is so much customization possible with this plugin! Developer is very helpful and fixes issues really quickly and is generally fast at responding to support questions. Would recommend this plugin for anyone looking for an AutoPickup plugin! ☺
Zhenk Mar 23, 2021
Version 11.11.4
Incredible work, impeccable to say the least, the support has been very good from minute 1, very friendly and attentive.
ThiagoROX Jan 17, 2021
Version 11.4.5
Excellent plugin, compatible with other plugins like mcMMO (maybe the only one really compatible) with several configuration possibilities, the developer always solves any problem within hours if not minutes and is always open to new features.
ItzOrazioh Dec 20, 2020
Version 11.3.0
nice plugin, but it would be nice if I added the ability to disable the InventoryFull alert example: inventoryfull_alert: false

Author's response
You can do that in the config.yml....

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