13.6.2 May 10, 2023
updated the registration process of block processors.

13.6.0 May 9, 2023
Introduced "AutoSell.Handler:" option

Introduced a new "AutoSell.Handler:" option.  You can now explicitly specify which plugin to use for autosell process.  The default is clip's AutoSell plugin, but you can also specify other plugins like "ShopGUIPlus" and "Prison".

  Enabled: false
  Handler: "AutoSell" # defualt: AutoSell,  other options "Prison", "ShopGUIPlus"
  # if this option is true, when VKAP is smelting picked up items, smelted items will be sold.
  SellAfterProcessing: true
  DisplayMessage: true
  DisplayInterval: 60 #in seconds.
  # placeholders available:
  # %price%, %b-price%, %amount%, %b-amount%, %items%, %itemssold%, %multiplier%
    - '&8&m-----------------------------------------------------'
    - '&eYour AutoSell stats...'
    - '&bItems Sold&7: &f%items%'
    - '&bAmount&7: &a$&f%amount%'
    - '&8&m-----------------------------------------------------'




13.5.4 May 3, 2023
updated the event priority option handling.

11.13.3 May 18, 2021

11.8.3 Feb 21, 2021
making sure to apply custom fortune, for TEBlockExplode event.

10.5.4 Oct 11, 2020
using the latest VKLibMC.