11.4.5 3 days ago
updated the handling of coloured blocks.

11.4.4 3 days ago
fix the handling of banner.

11.4.3 3 days ago
adjusted item drop for BlockBreakEvent.

11.4.2 5 days ago
skips null compound NBT tag.
skips null compound NBT tag.

11.4.1 Jan 9, 2021
fixed the cancelling of item drop during the block processing.
The previous method caused TokenEnchant's RewardFinderEnchant not to work.

This update will fix this issue.

11.4.0 Jan 7, 2021
treat beehive, bee_nest as special blocks.

11.3.0 Dec 19, 2020
added a new block handling for plant like Kelp, Bamboo, Cane, Cactus.

11.2.1 Dec 15, 2020
updated the inventory holder treatment.

11.2.0 Dec 14, 2020
updated the command framework.

11.1.0 Nov 30, 2020
added more option for Vehicle.

  MineCart: false
  Boat: true

  VehicleExitEvent: "LOW"

have been added.

11.0.1 Nov 26, 2020
updated to support Sack 2.1.0

11.0.0 Nov 21, 2020
added support for Sack plugin.
Previous UseVKBackPack: option is now obsolete.

As of v11, VKAutoPickup uses the following option:

# in the following order VKAutoPickup will try to fill up storage
# you need to specify the name of the plugin used.
  - Sack
  - VKBackPack

If Sack and/or VKBackPack are specified under this option, when an Item is auto picked up, VKAutoPickup will try to fill storages (Sack, or VKBackPack) in this order. Whaterver could not fit in those storage will be placed in player's inventory.

AutoSmelting and AutoBlocking will also work with both Sack and VKBackPack plugins.

10.6.0 Nov 17, 2020
added Pickup: option
'Pickup:' option is added. It worlds like 'whitelist'. Anything listed under this will be picked up.

The default is "*" meaning all blocks are subject to pickup except those listed under 'NoPickup:'

10.5.7 Nov 7, 2020
added missing files.

10.5.5 Oct 17, 2020
Built against TE v18.4.1

10.5.4 Oct 11, 2020
using the latest VKLibMC.

10.5.3 Oct 6, 2020
using the latest VKLibMC for Null enchantment.

10.5.2 Sep 19, 2020
fixed the NBT handling code for getting Unbreakable flag.

10.5.1 Sep 5, 2020
added error handling in registering null enchantment.

10.5.0 Sep 1, 2020
pickup action now fire VKAutoPickupEvent.

10.4.6 Aug 24, 2020