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This backpack works with TokenEnchant / AutoSell / InventoryFull.  Mined/exploded blocks are automatically stored in the backpack, and AutoSell commands will check contents of backpacks as well as the player inventory!!!  

This plugin provides a virtual backpack. A player can have multiple backpacks.  Each backpack can be accessed through a command or a key item.  You can customise what item to represent a key in config.yml.

Test Server:

Commands:  (alias: vkbp, bp, backpack)
  • /vkbackpack help : display the help menu.
  • /vkbackpack reload : reloads config.yml.
  • /vkbackpack give <player> <size> [backpack_name] : issue a backpack of size <size> to <player>.
  • /vkbackpack open <backpack_name> : opens the backpack called <backpack_name>
  • /vkbackpack key <name> : get a key to open your backpack named as <name>.
  • /vkbackpack list : get a list of your backpacks.
  • /vkbackpack setmax <player> <max> : sets the maximum number of backpacks <player> can have to <max>.
  • /vkbackpack rename <oldname> <newname> : rename the backpack from <oldname> to <newname>.
  • /vkbackpack remove [player] <name> : throw away <name> backpack. If [player] is present [player]'s <name> backpack will be removed.
  • /vkbackpack release : flags the backpack to be released/traded.
  • /vkbackpack claim : claim the backpack associated with the key you're holding.  If it's someone else's backpack, it will become yours.
  • /vkbackpack setsize <player> <newsize> : sets the size of the backpack in hand of the player <player> to <newsize>."

  • vkbackpack.admin : allows you to use reload, give, setmax commands
  • vkbackpack.use : allows you to use key, list commands
  • : allows you to use /bp open command to open a backpack
  • vkbackpack.rename : allows you to rename your backpack
  • : allows you to use /bp release|claim command to trade your backpack.
  • vkbackpack.crafting: allows a player to craft a backpack item.


Install VKBackPack.jar in the plugins folder.

Work with: