Wait, before you dive in headfirst, we've got a warning for you. This plugin is like oil and water with Optifine and Shaderpacks. They just don't mix well. Sorry, but hey, if you're a fan of Sodium (without Shaderpacks), they'll get along pretty well!




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Are you a server owner who wants to help your players avoid wandering around like lost chickens?

Our live minimap plugin 'Wanderer' is here to save the day!

With its real-time updates and easy-to-use navigation tools such as waypoints and region outlines, your players will be able to navigate the world like pros, without getting lost or confused.

It's almost too good to be true, but trust us, your players will thank you for it!

And the best part? Players will be still able to use the default generated Minecraft map!

So why wait? Get your hands on our minimap plugin and help your players soar to new heights, like a chicken flying in the sky!

Plugins supported: [Items AdderOraxenMythic MobsModel Engine; Lands(soon); KindomsX(soon); Plot Squared(soon); World Guard(soon); Towny(soon); FactionsUUID(soon); BetonQuest(soon); Happy Hud]

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  • Display default mob icons and custom mob icons (Mythic Mobs and Model Engine);
  • Different options including map position and mobs appearance;
  • Highly customizable config to improve the performance;
  • Three Zoom map scales;
  • Smart blacklist/whitelist for any kind of entity;
  • Customizable Icon sizes;
  • Organized folder system to allow better organization of the assets based on your needs;
  • Invisibility option conditions;
  • Tracking range;
  • Many waypoints features;
  • Three map modes, dynamic with toggleable rotation or static;
  • Accessible permission system;
  • Customizable map frames;

And many more features... we simply couldn't fit into this page cause our plugin is more jam-packed than a chest full of diamonds! So what are you waiting for? Download our plugin and discover all of the hidden treasures for yourself!

Installation attachment.png

Wanderer works along with a resource pack that includes a shader. (required)

Simply install the plugin into your server without any additional dependencies and add the shader files (in the folder called 'shader' of the resource pack included within the download) to your main shiny server's resource pack! 


  • /w help
  • /w reload
  • /w settings
  • /w toggle
  • /w track
  • /w waypoint
  • /w zoom

And many subsequent commands!
Check our wiki(coming next week) for more context!


Check our wiki(coming next week) for that!

FAQ attachment.png

What about performance?

Ah, the million-dollar question! Will our plugin slow down your server and the players?

We won't lie, our plugin is a bit on the heavy side, the workload is equally split between client and server.But fear not because we've got a secret weapon up our sleeve - a smart cache clearing system! This bad boy helps to keep things running smoothly and efficiently, so you don't have to worry about people getting stuck in the mud like a pig in quicksand!


The price is meh meh..

We understand that the price of €29.99 (24,99€ for the BETA) for our plugin may seem high to some, but we believe that it's a fair price for the premium product that we're offering. We've really put our hearts and passion into the development of this plugin, investing a lot of effort and resources to ensure that it's a top-quality tool and we're confident that it's worth every penny.

Moreover, we believe that this exclusivity ensures that our plugin is used by server owners who are serious and committed about delivering a top-notch product to their players!

Thanks! attachment.png

A huge thanks to all our Discord members for their exclusive ideas and support. Without them, our live minimap plugin wouldn't be possible!

Hey you! Yes, you, if you're looking to contribute to new awesome projects and become a part of our community, make sure to join our Discord! Who knows, your exclusive ideas could be the next big thing in the Minecraft world. Plus, we promise to keep things fun and entertaining along the way. So what are you waiting for? Join us on Discord and let's create something amazing together!
Together we are Picky Tweaks!