This addon requires Ultimate Clans 5.5.0+


Addon of: ⚔ Ultimate Clans V5 ⚔ | Modular, Single or Bungeecord Clans.

Addon for clan wars with configurable arenas, kits, amounts and configurable rewards. The clan must send the challenge to online clans and the opponent accepts will be teleported to the arena, other dogators of the same clan can participate and the war ends when there is only 1 clan left in the arena.

This addon must be installed in the folder "/plugins/UltimateClans/addons/"


/clan war - Opens the war menu.
- /clan war send
- /clan war accept
- /clan war deny
- /clan war join
- /clan war cancel
- /clan war spectate
- /clan war view

Administrator commands:

/clanwar help - Show help menu.
/clanwar reload - Reload settings.
/clanwar wand - Gives a wand.
/clanwar arena create <name> - Add an arena.
/clanwar arena delete <name> - Delete an arena.
/clanwar arena list - List arenas.
/clanwar arena point <arena> <SPAWN1|SPAWN2|EXIT|LOBBY> - Set the arena points.
/clanwar arena toggle <name> - Toggle the arena.
/clanwar arena seticon <arena> <material> - Set arena icon
/clanwar arena setspectator <arena> - Set spectator location.
/clanwar kit create <name> <desc> - Create a new kit.
/clanwar kit delete <name> - Delete a kit.
/clanwar kit list - List all kits.
/clanwar kit give <name> - Give a kit.
/clanwar kit seticon <name> <material>