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Winter is the perfect plugin whether you need a Christmas plugin or are just looking for a Winter thematic plugin for your server.

The Winter has been made to be:

✰ Relatable. After managing 30,000+ players on my own server, you bet I tried lots of different plugins out there. After testing and optimizing I've tried to make Winter simple for both you and your players.

✰ Understandable. We worked with over a dozen of larger servers to see what makes it easy or difficult to understand new plugins, and so I tried to make Winter as intuitive as possible, with a clean configuration and documentation in all files.

✰ Stable.
I have tested Winter on a production server. Bugs rarely occur, and if, they are fixed on a daily basis (see releases of my other plugins).

✰ Lag-Free. Winter has low resource demands and its features are optimized to have a high grade of performance.

✰ With unlimited possibilities. Be unlike everyone else! Winter contains advanced configuration options for every option it has, and every message can be translated. That way, you can hide Winter completely on your server so your players believe you have a custom plugin!

The core features of Winter include:

Snow Control
Are you bored of the default rain/snow particles?
  • Is the snow too heavy and makes it difficult to see through?
  • Do you want a permanent snow effect on your server?
  • Create a custom permanent snow effect (see pictures above) with customizable
    • Amount of particles
    • Chaos-factor (how much will particles sparkle around randomly)
    • Realistic mode (so the snow will not appear in caves or in your house, but only in the open air)
    • Vertical and horizontal range around players
    • Lag-free! But, the more particles, the more demands are on your Minecraft client.
  • Cover your entire map with snow (or remove it completely) using /winter populate command!

Terrain Control
  • Want to cover your worlds with snow, even when it's not snowing, and even if they are not snowy biomes? With Winter, you can!
  • Layer-by-layer advanced snow generation.
    • Snow will grow smoothly next to each other, where the most neighbors of the same layer height are (configurable).
  • WorldGuard region support: only place snow blocks in selected regions, and/or outside of them.
  • All biomes are supported (cover deserts with snow!).
  • Configurable intensity and range around players.
  • You can ignore certain blocks from being covered by snow.

Biome Control
  • Change leaves and grass colors easily!
  • You can exclude certain biomes from being masked.
  • Customizable biome mask.
    • This biome disguise is done when players receive biome information in a packet, when they log in, so the actual worlds are non affected.
  • Requires ProtocolLib.

Killer Snowman
  • Make Snowman's snowballs cause real damage!
    • Customizable damage power.
  • Prevent Snowman from getting attacked by monsters.
  • Randomly convert spawned monsters into Snowman (configurable.
  • Make Snowman your personal body-guard.

Weather Control
  • Control the weather in your worlds easily.
  • Disable rain, snowing, thunderstorm or all forms of weather completely.
  • Make weather more exciting! Start Snow Storm instead!
    • In Snow Storm, snow particles will float more chaotically, sky gets darker and lightnings will appear (with sounds).

Melting Control
  • Hate how ice always turns into water or how the snow always disappeares?
  • Prevent ice from melting into water.
  • Prevent snow from disappearing.
  • Configure blocks that won't be melted.

Multi-World Support!
Select worlds that will be affected by Winter. Disable Winter in worlds you don't wish to affect.

Change every message in the plugin! Create localization/ file inside Winter/, reload the plugin and edit newly created file in that folder.

Custom command alias!
Don't like the default /winter command? Change it completely to something else!

Reload support!
Reload settings.yml with ease by /winter reload.

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Winter also brings special features designed for Christmas 2021.

Gift Chests
Allow your players to create special chests around the world to use and receive rewards.

Please see illustration above for full description!

#1 - Player Gift Chests
Make players leave rewards for other players. There are two kinds of these chests, Public and Private Gift Chests. Items are taken away when a gift chest is used.

Public gift chests are available for everyone. If someone opens the chest, they will be able to take items away.

Private gift chests can only be looted by up to three players you specify (like the Lockette plugin).

#2 - Infinite Gift Chests

These kinds of chests won't loose their items when opened and looted. They will copy their content each time a players open them. There are two kinds of infinite gift chests:

Dated chests, that are only available at the specific time. For example, you can setup a chest available only during 24.12, or only from 24-26.12, and even specify a time of the day (like 17:00-19:00) when it can be opened.

Timed chests may be used specific amounts of time, and player must wait a given duration between each opens. For example, a player can open a timed chest three times, and wait 24 hours between each loot.

Please see illustration above for full description!

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Java 8 or greater.
Minecraft 1.7.10 or newer.

Optional dependencies:
- ProtocolLib
, if you want to use Biome Control feature.

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Info: Create gift chests (public and private).

Perm: winter.chest.dated
Info: Create dated infinite chests.

Perm: winter.chest.timed
Info: Create timed infinite chests.

Info: Reload the Winter's configuration with /winter reload command.

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