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Is a chat management plugin, it has a Antiswear, Anticaps, Chat clearance, global chat mute, Syntaxblocker, Custom join and leave messages.

Almost all of the messages are configurable, and the plugin is very easy to use.
For more information read the plugin page.

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Plugin contains the following features:



Chat clearance

Chat mute

CommandSyntaxBlocker <plugin:command>

Custom join & leave messages with or without permissions

First join message.

First join titles & subt titles

Join titles & sub titles

HexColor for 1.16+ users

Usage:  <#ffffff>

More comming soon.

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Plugin contains the following commands:
/icm reload
Permission node: icm.admin
Feature: Reloads all plugin configuration.

/icm help
Permission node: icm.admin
Feature: Shows up help menu for the plugin.


Permission node: icm.clearchat
Feature: Clears server chat.


Permission node: icm.mutechat
Feature: Mutes and unmutes the server chat

CustomJoin permission
Permission node: icm.cutomjoin

CustomLeave permission
Permission node: icm.leave

Syntaxblocker bypass permission
Permission node: icm.syntax.bypass

MutedChat bypass permission
Permission node: icm.mutechat.bypass

AntiSwearFilter bypass permission
Permission node: icm.antiswear.bypass
Staff notification permissio node: icm.antiswear.bypass

AntiCapsFilter bypass permission
Permission node: icm.caps.bypass
Staff notification permissio node: icm.caps.bypass

Note: This feature ignores player names if they have too much caps in their name

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Feel free to contact me on discord:


Note: Feel free to leave a preview if you like using the plugin.