0.0.9 Dec 10, 2020
0.0.9 WonderChat update:
0.0.9 features update:

This update contains small changes.

The plugin has been renamed to WonderChat
All the permissions and command are still the same!

[+] Added UpdateChecker for the plugin. (Can be enabled or disabled in config)
[+] Added Simple DeathMessage.
[+] Added deathmessages.yml (more kill messages coming soon)
[+] Added support for 1.16.4.

Also make sure to save your old config, and let the plugin generate a new config.yml for you

I have been busy this month with school, I'm still learning to develope plugins and learn new languages.
So stay tuned for future updates and plugins!

Note: if you have any bugs, issues or suggestions with the plugin make sure to contact me on discord: CozyLeprechaun94#9173

0.0.8 Nov 18, 2020