All Features:

  • Spigot and Paper support

  • Currently supported versions: 1.8.8 and 1.12.2 (Support for more versions will be added in the future)

  • 100% customizable messages and menus

  • SQLite and MySQL database support

  • Integrated statistic system

  • You can create your own Kits with custom Abilities

  • Jump Pads mechanic (Fully customizable)

  • Random Power Up spawn system

  • Integrated command blocker

  • Spectator teleport feature

  • Arena selector menu

  • Built-in scoreboard with placeholder support

  • Customizable sounds

  • PlaceholderAPI support (Click here to learn more)

  • Powerful API to expand the plugin features even further!



Quick Links

Command and Permissions

How to create a new arena

How to add a custom kit

How to add a new power-up

PlaceholderAPI Placeholders


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