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Serveur Minecraft Vote is a site that lists the best minecraft servers and rank them according to their number of points, do not wait and add your server!

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Multiple servers addon here
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1. Drop zAuctionHouse.jar into your plugins.yml
2. Install zMenu (Why should I use zMenu ? response here)
3. Its done !

Don’t want to use zMenu? You can use the old configuration by downloading it here..

✅ Compatible with Spigot 1.8.8 to 1.20.4 and java 8 to 17
✅ Simple and customizable inventory configuration (thanks to zMenu)
✅ All messages are configurable
✅ HEX and minimessage support
✅ Configurable categories
✅ Multiple storage types: JSON and SQL
✅ Synchronize multiple servers thanks to redis*
✅ System to convert data from other plugins
✅ Economy Support : Vault, PlayerPoint, TokenManager ; MySQL Token,
Level, Item, Custom, CoinsEngine
✅ Easily add more economies with the API
✅ AntiDupe system 100% efficient, if items come out of inventories they will be automatically deleted !
✅ Support for customModelData and plugins like ItemAdder and Oraxen.
✅ Permission to limit the number of items your players can add in the auction.
✅ Permission to change the auction duration.
✅ Automatic backup for storage in JSON
✅ Log system, you can know exactly what your players are doing.
✅ Complex items blacklist.
✅ Java API, with the API you can modify everything in the plugin
✅ System to get your money back only when the player is logged in.
✅ Sorting system
✅ Transaction History
✅ Support for HeadDatabase and EpicHead
✅ Inventory selling system, sell several items directly without using ShulkerBox.
✅ Support de Citizen
✅ Player blacklist (Allows to banish a player from the plugin, he won't be able to buy or sell anymore)
✅ Support de palceholderAPI
✅ Ingame configuration
✅ Search system, search for items with filters.
✅ Barrel and Shulker content viewer
✅ Tax (global or for specifics items)
✅ Min and Max price per items
✅ Discord bot: download here
✅ zTranslator - Translate items name to your language !
✅ Folia Support

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