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  • All the features of zMenu
  • Open source
  • Very advanced default configuration, adapted there to your economy in a few minutes.
  • High-quality code, perfect for any type of server
  • Sell multiple enchantments, permissions and commands, you can even request a confirmation before purchase.
  • Allows players to sell and buy items
  • Sell mobs spawner, no need for a spawner plugin, the plugin will directly place the spawner with the right entity
  • Convert ShopGui+ to zShop (https://zshop.groupez.dev/configurations/convert-shopguiplus-to-zshop)
Need more functionality in the plugin? You can ask me on discord: http://discord.groupez.dev

  • /zshoplugin (aliases: /zpl) (zshop.help) - Display the list of commands.
  • /zpl reload (zshop.reload) - Reload configuration files
  • /zpl logs <player> <sell/buy> [<page>] (zshop.logs )- Display logs informations
  • /zpl convert (zshop.convert) - Convert ShopGUIPlus config to zShop
  • /sell-all (zshop.sell.all) - Sell all items
  • /sell-hand (zshop.sell.hand) - Sell items in hand
  • /sell-handall (zshop.sell.hand.all) - Sell all items in hand

There are more than 17 placeholders, all the information here: https://zshop.groupez.dev/configurations/placeholders

To install the plugin you must have zMenu plugin.
Then the plugin installs like any other plugin.

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