this addon is an extension of the zyno discord bot also provided on the polymart (note: this requires the pterodactyl panel as well as the zyno discord bot.). this addon is very simple to install using both our auto installer and easy to understand instructions in the read me file.





current featueres are as listed below:

create panel user

delete panel user

get node information


features to come are as listed below:

create server

delete server

create location

delete location


this addon also includes a custom install script for easy installation.


is this refundable?: if its within 15 hours of purchase i allow full refunds

is it complex to install?:  no its very simple and i am open to helping if you send me a dm

do you need the pterodactyl panel to use its features?:  yes there would be no use in buying this addon if you had no panel as its only use is to talk with the panel.


for bug reports or support please dm me on discord at: ytAidenstime#5709 and i will do my very best to help you with your issue.