Fly Plugin | Tempfly | GUI
By Radi3nt — Allow you to fly in survival | Pay for tempfly !
By CraterHater — Timelapses, Moving structures, Animate your server!, Create GIFs in-game, 1.13+
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Micro Wars | RTS Minigame
By CraterHater — Unique strategy game with custom miniature models inspired by classic RTS games
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Epic Adventures
By Toby109tt — 32X realistic fantasy resource pack!
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By jojodmo — A simple cross-version API for editing NBT tags, safe for many versions of Minecraft! +Commands
By lorinthio — Add levels and custom formulas to make creatures stronger further from spawn!
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CustomDeathMessages (CDM)
By Smoke — Customizable Death Messages
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By lorinthio — Adds 40 craftable configurable arrows
  about 5
✨ ░ Factions Setup ░ ✨
By Sloter — ■ Factions ■ | 1.7 - 1.15 Support | Bosses | Koths | Custom Enchants | & MORE
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By Inamine — Shoot players to give them a random item!
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Custom AuctionHouse and Enchants
By Zuhko — KitPVP Custom Auction House, Custom Enchants, and Kits. Reimagining 1.15 PVP
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By NotZachery — SSH for your Minecraft server! | Universal Support
By test414eff — Kill mobs and consume their soul! Don't die without any souls, you'll be banned!
  about 5
Local Thunder
By jojodmo — Make lightning only audible and visible to players within a certain radius
No Physics
By jojodmo — Extremely lightweight, easy to use plugin that disables physics in regions, per-world, or globally
  367 | Get a Custom IP
By jojodmo — Get a CUSTOM IP | Guard your server against unwanted, random IP changes from your internet host
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