RPG Chest Premium
By Gilles_M — [1.12.2 - 1.16.]Create Unique RPG Styled Chests - Fully Customizable (in-game GUI) - Unique Features
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Stats ScoreBoard
By APDevelopment — Get your Stats on a Scoreboard!
Stats ScoreBoard Premium
By APDevelopment — Get your Stats on a Scoreboard!
  about 5
By Zrips — 280+ Commands/Insane Kits/Portals/Essentials/Economy/MySQL & SqLite/Much More!
  about 5
By DustinDinh — Want to find a superb and stunning solution to your spawn map? You've come to the right place!
  about 5
Craftory Tech
By CraftoryStudios — Adding Machines, Electricity, Blocks, Tools and more with out mods, pushing Minecraft to its limits!
RPG Regen [1.11->1.16]
By Gilles_M — The Best Configurable RPG Health Regen System
zHack Lite Anticheat
By ZappCrafter — Advanced Cheat Detection
      (1)     64
By TeamVK — you can create a level system for swords!
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Admin GUI Premium
By Black1_TV — Easily manage your Minecraft server with Admin GUI Premium
  about 5
By TeamVK — you can create a level system for pickaxes!
  about 5
TAB Reborn Configuration
By rrodg12 — Free Minecraft TAB Servver Configuration By rrodg12 Services
  about 5
By TeamVK — Mothership for various LevelUp modules such as LUP-Pickaxe
  about 5
By Lorenzo0111 — Create custom placeholders for PlaceholderAPI
RocketJoin - Custom Join Message
By Lorenzo0111 — Custom Join Message Fully customizable (PlaceholderAPI support)
  about 5
By William278 — A simple, hassle-free mySQL-based teleportation suite.
  about 5
‍Outpost (1.7-1.16)
By Benzimmer — Custom shop, multiple mob spawns, exp drops and much more.
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Companions | CREATE YOUR OWN
By Astero — Companions allows you to create your own CUSTOM companions for your players - endless possibilities!
  about 5
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