09project is an experimental class-based combat arena for Minecraft client versions 1.8.X-1.16.X, featuring five unique classes to choose from. This server is (somewhat) actively updated, and gameplay features are subject to change at any time.

Bored of the usual KitPvP shtick? 09's got you covered, with features you won't find on any other PvP server.

Warrior: Despite being slower than the other classes, this sword-wielding slasher makes up for it with heavy defense and offense, along with the ability to deflect entire attacks by blocking with their sword.

Archer: This fast-footed sharp-shooter can take on anyone and anything with their bow and infinite supply of arrows. They're also capable of close-combat with their trusty stone blade.

Hermes: Incredibly fast and powerful, but can easily be destroyed in just a couple hits. It's a balancing act when playing with this class.

Reaper: Finally, something actually unique! This grim guy wields a sword in one hand, and a scythe in the other, which halves their opponent's hit-points at the expense of a 15-second cooldown and weakened armor.

Angler: When they tried to return home after a fishing expedition, they found themselves stuck in the 09project arena. Thankfully, they've come prepared with their infinitely-sharp toothpick and rod. They can satiate and heal themself by collecting and consuming fish from hitting players with their fishing rod.

Each class also has their own temporary, one-time-consumable "ultimates" that can help them win a close fight.

Killing a player results in receiving 1 soul, a currency that can be used to purchase items in the arena's shop. Each item has been balanced to make buying items as fair as possible for all parties involved, by either reducing their durability, damage, or both. So far, players are only able to purchase two categories of items: Effect blocks and miscellaneous weapons.

Teleportation Block: Costs 5 souls. Teleports the player to a random map spawn location when stepped on. Decays in 3 seconds. Launch Block: Costs 3 souls. Launches the player forwards and up in the air when stepped on. Decays in 3 seconds.

There are too many miscellaneous weapons to list here, but this image shall suffice.

Example of a purchasable miscellaneous item in the shop.

09project also offers a selection of custom-made maps to fight on. These can be switched in /options.

Oasis (default): A small island that's been mostly untouched by man. Created in March of 2020.

Grimworld: The remains of (what was) a thriving forest. This is also the oldest 09project map, being created in February of 2020.

Aztec: Objectively the best Counter-Strike map. Additional building help by rreimii. Created in October-December of 2020. Effect blocks are disabled on this map.

You can view these maps here (since Polymart's image embed fills the entire page with garbled text):




If this hasn't won you over yet, 09project also has incredibly lenient rules, only prohibiting cheating and in-game advertising/spam. Everything else is fair-game.

Ready to experience 09project for yourself?

Connect today at cblt.me with any Minecraft client version from 1.8-1.16. You can also join our Discord server to interact with the 09project community, receive announcements about work-in-progress updates, and more!

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