Adventure Capitalist 1.18.2

  • -Semi vanilla SMP
  • -Skill Levels
  • -Abilities
  • -In Game Money
  • -1.18.2 for java
  • -Custom Enchants
  • -Shops
  • -Key Crates
  • -No micros
  • -Bank
  • -Auction House
  • -Daily, Weekly, Monthly Rewards
  • -Job Levels = How Much Money You Can Make For In-Game Tasks
  • -Discord:

About:This is a Semi Vanilla Server, where you can enjoy the freedom of a never resetting map and build together and build a community where i encourage players to work together but not everyone is a friend and pvp will still be enabled

Money: it comes automatically by doing things you enjoy in the game. This includes hundreds of actions from mining, hunting, farming, chopping wood, smelting items, fishing. All jobs pay out a balanced amount of money factoring Your Job Level and difficulty for each action. The Pawn Shop also accepts 95% of in-game items.

Land Claim ( Make a Town And Control Who Builds And Breaks Whats Inside your Area )

Mining, Excavation, Woodcutting, Swords, Axes, Archery, Defense, Stamina. All Come With Small Perk Trees Making Each Player Unique

NO Cheating.
Which Includes:
No Item Hacks, X-Ray Hacks, Teleport Hacks, Flying Hacks, Time hacks, or enabling No-clip. Cheaters WILL be banned without Recourse!In-game exploits with a limit. They Will Not Get You Banned but it still shouldn't be accepted by our community. If any exploit has noticeable impact on the servers economy roll back actions will follow. Note: Roll-Backs Apply Only To Those That Are Involved, If Possible.

-----Server Equipped With Cheat Protection -----
JOIN TODAY! Java Players
Bedrock Players Join with the Port Ip: Port: 25759