Your your typical skyblock.


Connect via Java edition and MCPE edition

Use same IP


Tons of additional fun add-ons for you to try


  • Fixed scoreboard (Balance and Rank)
  • Added /shop (Semi Broken atm)
  • Added ChestShop
  • Updated Chat system
  • /is should open a GUI with everything you need.
  • Dont do /restart this command will shut down server and not restart (Our host doesnt have the ability for this yet)
  • Added more starter islands (Should be able to restart your island) if you want.
  • Added /is challenges

Day 2

  • Added Warps
  • Fixed NPC to run commands
  • Added PVP World
  • Added Mining World (Resets daily)
  • Void at spawn no longer kills you just sends you back to spawn
  • Most Alias should be working now (Please report anything not working)
  • Replaced scoreboard
  • Updated Tab Key
  • Added Upgradable Hoppers, Spawners
  • Added Vouchers
  • Added Sell Chests
  • Added Auction
  • No Longer Need cmi in front of commands
  • Added No Fly in Lobby
  • Added Chat Tags
  • Added Money Pouches
  • Added 2 vote Links
  • Added Crate System