is a small survival minecraft server with lots of additional features!


We are a small but dedicated community of players centered around building cool stuff.
All griefing is rolled back so you can focus on your base, not looking over your shoulder!

Key features:
➤ 265 custom enchantments
➤ mcmmo
➤ In game economy and player shops
➤ Silk Touch Spawners
➤ Land claiming
➤ Rankup system (based on playtime)
➤ Auction House & Chest Shop & Heads shop
➤ Set homes
➤ Elevators and Doors
➤Online world map
(For a full list check out our wiki at )

Join Now!
You can join on either Java or Bedrock!
The server runs on the latest version of minecraft, but you can join with just about any version!
(You can even join the server in VR if you use ViveCraft!)

➤ Java IP:

➤ Bedrock Address:
➤ Bedrock Port: 25565

The server is updated quite frequently so make sure to check out our discord server for announcements :)
➤ Discord:
➤ Website:
~Come check us out and make new friends~