Welcome to CheironMC!

CheironMC is a Roleplay Server with the cities of Cheiron and Phidelya, with two allied and connected populations that live near each other. There's no warp, tp, spawn, msg, etc. It's just like real life.

Cheiron Cheiron is a human city with great monarchic roots, with a constitutional monarchy. There are many companies in which you can work in order to earn money and become gradually more important, you can try becoming a member of the Government with a party, become a criminal, or create something completely new. The chances you have are infinite, you can be whoever you'd like to. We developed in-house many new plugins in order to give each and every aspect of the server a new twist, so that no citizen could ever feel left behind or abandoned, and in order to take advantage of the city to its full extent.

Phidelya Are you tired of living the same roleplay experience over and over again? You can become an elf! Phidelya's village is a place deep in the forest, where time seems to have stopped magically making all of its inhabitants live a simple and genuine life. The economy is based on the selling of agricultural goods, in exchange for the local currency, the Elven (☘️), which all elves can store into their Elven Bank Account. It is necessary to attend school for a brief period of time, in order to discover a magic spell of your own and become an Adult Elf. Some really smart scientists from Cheiron discovered recently an ancient portal that used to connect the two cities, making it possible for Humans to visit elves and vice-versa.

So, what are you waiting for? Become a citizen on play.cheironmc.it! We're waiting for you!