Discord link: https://www.cottagecraft.net/discord

Cottagecraft is a friendly group of Minecraft Java players that want to foster a community for everyone! Majority LGBTQIA+ server, identity affirming and all-inclusive. There is both an active Minecraft server and busy Discord server to make friends and meet the community in.

You must be age 14-25 to join.

You must be in the Discord to use the server so that you can be whitelisted.

Our Minecraft server consists of:

  • Over 50 plugins to add to the fun experience along with datapacks
  • Warps to farms, mines, and other community resources
  • Land claiming
  • A survival world for building and a mining world for resources
  • Beautiful staff and player builds
  • A generous and welcoming community
  • And tons more!

We have wonderful staff that strive to make it safe for everyone, and are always accepting new members!

Hop in and find the fun with us!