CraftYourTown - The most advanced Towny Server What makes us unique? ð Slimefun (Exactly like a modpack, but serverside, no downloads required!) ð¸ Player-based Economy â Custom Items and abilities ð¿ The Demon Tower (Custom boss fights with armor upgrades as rewards!) ð Daily Pinata Party event! (Punch the pinata for rewards!) ð® Player Warps and advertising slots âï¸ Custom Texture/Resource Pack ð¤ Custom Lottery ð¦ Custom Bank with interest (Free money!) ð· Balanced Economy ð· Balanced Jobs ð Many Beautiful Towns to join ðï¸ Weekly Minigame Events for in-game rewards ð Community Orientated (Have your say!) ð« Tons of Slimefun Add-ons (More mod-pack items!) ⨠Tiered Armor (Armor with rarities and enchants based on this) ð§ Custom Mobs (Custom Mobs will roam the wild!) ð Custom Enchantments âï¸ Custom Lucky Blocks with rarities (Achieved from breaking blocks, rewards based off rarity!) ð Tons of Player Shops (Buy anything you may need!) ð Leaderboard Room (Show the best of the best off at spawn!) ð Golden Lasso (Lasso mobs into their respective egg form! Keeps all metadata) ð Seasonal Serverwide Events ð A fully fledged Wiki with all the answers you need! .. and that's just Towny. Skyblock will release later this year.

Why join us instead of another server? Weâve been around for 3 years, we know exactly what weâre doing. We do huge monthly content updates to keep things fresh and exciting. CYT has gone under extreme situations and has always managed to pull through. Itâs destined to succeed.

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