Recently relaunched after a 4 year hiatus, CreativeCraft is a creative network with a strong focus on building. Join us as we rebuild our community and move forward into the new year!

Features include:

  • Full of history with no resets since 2014.
  • Zero dependency on donations. CreativeCraft is here to stay with a very passionate owner.
  • Blazing fast dedicated hardware running a Ryzen 5950x with 64gb memory.
  • Off-site S3 backups 4 times a day with a 3 month retention (with CoreProtect in place for emergencies).
  • Meticulously configured and branded with a clean, uniform, non-rainbow chat.
  • Unlimited WorldEdit & WorldEdit Visualizer with no voting required.
  • Optionally vote once for Member rank and get access to `/heads`, /nick, /gm, /sit, and /lay. - Massive, mergeable 150x150 plots.
  • Minigames server with Parkour, Chess, & TNT Run. - Profanity is allowed.