Hey Future Adventurers Want to Set Out on a Whole New Adventure as a Darkline Survivalist?

On our server you get the option to take on quests, obtain more unique enchantments while also creating a town protecting what is yours.

  • Our Server features a multitude of plugins to ensure your survival experience is unlike any other. We aim to create a community where our players can enjoy the entirety of their time online.
    • We do not offer donations at the moment in order to avoid pay 2 win, however, we might offer cosmetic donations in the future!

Here is what you can expect to experience on our server!

  • Like I mentioned before there is Towny.
  • Upon joining the server the first thing you're going to want to do is create a town for a small feel of $250, which can be obtained by doing a simple mining quest. After that its all up to you. You can fish for all your money, create a shop and sell your items to other people, store your money in the bank an gain interest or store your items for safe keeping. If you end up gaining more money than you know what to do with try the lottery if thats you style.

Anyways, we hope that you are interested in joining and experiencing all the amenities we have to offer!