DezoCraft Network

DezoCraft is a friendly network community full of servers for (Hopefully) everyone! We have SMP's, Minigames and a Prison server! We believe in making this network as fair as possible including in ranks granted, items and more, we try to give what we can for free leaving donating completely optional if support stays great!

Our new Dezo Adventures server is our completely unique experience, with locations to explore, unbreakable items from crafting, custom enchants, banks, fragments to unlock sets and just much more being added in the future to keep it new and exciting! Work together as a community to complete community quests to unlock more features and sets!

Still not convinced? Contact us on Discord here:

Contact us on our forums here: DezoCraft Forums

And check out our store here: DezoCraft Store

Thank you to all who come on and play and support the network!