What is EdenCraft?
An Australian based server for those just out of reach from the rest of the world, with a survival experience you're for sure to enjoy with a series of Plugins and Updates to add more to the fun each time! We also have a Discord server for everyone to hang out in!

What does EdenCraft have?
An Economy with a series of Plugins to help make it better! A whole ShopGUI for you to buy/sell to the server. An Auction House and Chest shops for you to sell to players, and Jobs for some quick $$$. Best of all.... EMPLOYMENT!

Keys can be earnt through voting in places like these, and we GREATLY appreciate all the support that is given!

Quests! Well.... what's there to say? In-game missions for rewards. A constant work in progress with new stuff always coming! And these are just a few of what's within the server... Please feel free to stop by, say "Hello" and make your stand in EdenCraft!

Is there a website?

Server owner TheQuestor2000