The ElementCraft Minecraft server is a server that offers everyone an unique experience as we have 7 (soon 8) Custom "classes" (origins) that change the way you play Minecraft, as well as things such as Homes, Teams, Player Warps, Auctionhouse, Markets, Claims, PvP Arenas, Jobs, Custom Spawners, and well, Classes! We also offer a lot more than what is listed here!!

We do not accept any sort of homophobia, racism, discrimination, or anything else like that.

Basic Information:


Compatibility: Java & Bedrock

Version: 1.20.1

Custom Class count: 7 (Soon 8)





Server Rules


Chat Abuse

Harassment of any kind is not tolerated. This includes using profane language or making jokes about inappropriate subjects. Avoid sending similar messages, non-English language characters, all caps, or random gibberish into the chat.

Excessive toxicity or disrespect towards other players is not permitted either. A little friendly trash-talking is permitted, but if another player requests that you stop, do so.

Unfair Advantages

Using any modifications that give you unfair advantages such as hacks, macros, X-Ray texture packs, auto clickers, inventory checkers, bug abuse techniques, exploiting, duping, or forbidden mods is prohibited. A few modifications that are allowed are Lunar Client, Badlion Client, Litematica, Schematica (no EasyPlace/printer), Minimap, etc though we are unable to mention every single one. If you're unsure whether something qualifies as an "unfair advantage", please open a ticket or message an online staff member.

Inappropriate Content

Discussing vulgar topics such as anything sexual, drug-related, excessively political, or violent is not permitted on this server.

Inappropriate team names or structures are not allowed, as well as offensive names, skins, capes, item names, signs, pet names, builds, or other cosmetics are also prohibited.


Discrimination against others on the basis of their age, disability, gender, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation is prohibited.

Any type of discrimination, including sexism, racism, homophobia, and other forms, will not be tolerated.


The server does not allow discussion or advertising of goods, services, or other Minecraft or Discord servers. It is acceptable to inquire from players in-game or in the ElementCraft-related Discord channel whether they want to buy or sell products on the server, but it is not permitted to utilize other types of advertisement.

Trading and Scamming

Any attempts at scamming other players for materials not available are not tolerated, as is scamming them for items purchasable in the store or on the server.


Any form of threat such as doxxing, DDOSing, harassment, blackmail, SWATTING, IP grabbing, and sending any harmful links is prohibited.

Even if the information is inaccurate it is unacceptable to leak someone's personal information.

Any jokes about the subject will not be treated as such, but instead as an actual threat.


It is forbidden to use a friend's account or another Minecraft account in order to increase stats such as skills.

Any stats earned by violating the rules such as boosting and using an auto clicker will be wiped.


Griefing spawn is forbidden (lava casting, boat filling, animal filling, item filling, powder snow glitching, water cubes, placing random blocks everywhere, etc).

Any type of lag machine including large redstone contraptions, mass entities, chunk ban machines, and any other methods of server-based lag are prohibited.

You are not permitted to grief another player's claimed construction or anything else near it. You are however, allowed to raid, destroy, and steal from non-claimed land


PVP is enabled for all players by default, but they may disable it if they do not wish to engage in combat.

Bed-trapping, spawn killing, and AFK killing are not permitted regardless of if an individual's PVP is on or not, and using malicious player warps in order to kill a player is not allowed.


Mega farms that cause major server lag are prohibited.

Chunk loaders are prohibited as they may create extensive lag if numerous chunk loaders are used at the same time.

Using an alternative account to bypass your on-going ban is not tolerated, and will result in the punishment being extended.

Final verdict lies with our staff team at all times. Not every rule can be listed here. If you believe a punishment is unjustified, please open a ticket on our Discord Server, in #📫┃tickets