EvolutionRealm Survival is the best survival server! Here's why:

  • Super friendly community
  • A bunch of custom features:
  • 1:4000 earth map, you can go ANYWHERE YOU WANT
  • A custom terrain generated farm world for new players to get resources!
  • REAL WORKING FURNITURE with no mods or texture packs!
  • The best land claiming system with taxes, optional wars, coops, visualizations, and a website!
  • Realistic tree chopping (SUPER SATISFYING)
  • Jobs and quests so you can get a great start!
  • *Secure trades and auction house
  • A secret dark auction house
  • A discord server with super awesome people
  • A beautiful website (check below)
  • An interactive map on a website! (Join discord for link)

JOIN NOW: survival.evolutionrealm.live DISCORD: https://discord.gg/yxvpBWM WEBSITE: CLICK HERE