I know you've probably read a dozen or even a million of these, but I'll do my very best to sum up what this server and our community is all about. Forgotten Realms is simply put, an accumulation of people and older communities who've moved on or servers that have shut down, gathered in one place. We're here just to enjoy ourselves, chill, and relax from a long days' work or day at school. We're no high-octane server with new things happening every single week, but someplace you can rely on to stay active when others give it up.

It's themed after medieval or English/European buildings, with fantasy elements like McMMO, EcoMobs, LevelledMobs, Reforging and much more RPG-oriented gameplay mechanics. Our main claiming system is Towny, and we run what we call the "diamond standard" economy, where $1 = 1 diamond. No overinflation of the economy, but just hard earned farming and and money, with the freedom to do what you think up with nothing stopping you.

We also have miscellaneous, more open-world plugins like Bolt for the hermits, alongside RTP, Quests, and VeinMiner.

If none of this suits your needs or interests you - thank you for taking the time to read. If you end up stopping by, we'd love to have you!