Welcome to Lunar Parks!


The server is now bigger and better than ever! If you've previously played on the server, you'll find that everything you know and love about the server has been improved on. And if you're new here, welcome! We have a lot to offer, so thanks for checking this page out!


What we offer:

- The Dungeon: a dungeon crawler minigame where your only goal is to collect as much loot as you can, before time runs out. This is a game about risk versus reward. Can you risk going down that hallway for some extra emeralds, or will you fail trying? Make sure you don't die or run out of time, or you will lose everything.

- Disasters: This minigame is the true test of your survival skills. See how long you can live while the world around you gets rapidly destroyed. With over 35 disasters the game randomly chooses from, each round will offer a unique challenge. How long can you survive? Good luck.

- Lunar Parks: While it's the name of the server, it's also the name of our very own amusement park! With plenty of rides to choose from, and loads more content for the parks on the way, each visit here will have something new for you to do. Which ride is your favorite? Visit the amusement park to find out!


There's always more coming to the server, so make sure to join our discord to get the updates! We also do monthly server events on there as well, where we usually play one of the minigames on the server. If you want to hang out or play games with some new people, our community is an open and accepting place for everyone.


See you soon at Lunar Parks!